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Periodical Directory: 1890 - 1922

This list is a work in progress, and we invite all those interested to help us improve it. It is intended to provide basic information about all the English-language magazines of literary and artistic interest operating during the period from 1890 to 1922. We stop at 1922 for copyright reasons, with the intellectual justification that we are interested in the rise of modernism, which may be considered complete by that date.

The list may be downloaded or used in any way scholars and students of modernism wish to use it. But we have a specific project in mind for those who are in a position to assist us. The MJP exists mainly to provide digital editions of magazines from this period, with full editorial support. To that end, we have indicated on this list the journals we consider most suitable for digitization (in red type), and others that we consider interesting but would put second in order of priority (in blue type). Journals in purple type are those we have already digitized (wholly or partly); these journals can be found on our Journals page—or you can can reach them by clicking on the purple titles below.

If you would like to help, we ask that you look through the list and do the following three things with it:

  1. Send us additions, corrections, and anything else that will help us improve this list and make it more useful to scholars and students.
  2. Tell us whether you agree with our priorities or would suggest changes.
  3. Look in your own libraries for original issues of the magazines given priority on this list and let us know if you find any.

We work with cooperating libraries in making our editions, and we will be happy to work with yours, if they have original issues of a journal of interest. Remember, please, that we cannot consider journals published after 1922, though we can consider a partial run up to that year. Please send suggestions and information to:

Besides working only with original issues (i.e., not reprints) published before 1923, the MJP is committed to using only copies of journals that have their original advertising intact. Since stripping out the advertising was a common practice when libraries originally bound the magazines into volumes, locating cover-to-cover issues can be a challenge. To meet that challenge, we've set up a separate set of web pages, called the Cover-to-Cover Initiative, devoted to locating libraries with cover-to-cover issues of twenty magazines that we're specially interested in. We encourage you to visit that site as well, and to contribute information about your library's holdings for the listed journals.

A note about our subject matter and sources: Mass magazines begin at the end of the nineteenth century. Little magazines appear in reaction to them. Earlier magazines are usually classified on our list as "inter" for intermediate. We have not included some highly specialized magazines (like The Dickensian) in our list. Sources consulted in compiling the periodical directory include Frank Luther Mott's A History of American Magazines (all five volumes); Theodore Peterson's Magazines in the Twentieth Century; Frederick Hoffman, Charles Allen, and Carolyn Ulrich's The Little Magazine; Alvin Sullivan's British Literary Magazines, volumes 3 (1837-1913) and 4 (1914-1984); Edward Chielens's American Literary Magazines: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries as well as his American Literary Magazines: The Twentieth Century and The Literary Journal in America, 1900-1950; and Michael Ashley's The Age of the Storytellers: British Popular Fiction Magazines, 1880-1950. We have also received considerable help from Brad Evans at Rutgers, who has added a large number of very small magazines (bibelots) to this list. We hope others will follow Brad's example and send us information about journals published during our time period (1890-1922) that we can add to this list.

In the list below, you can sort the magazine data, in ascending or descending order, by clicking on any of the seven categories at the top.

List of Modern Magazines of Literary or Artistic Significance Operating During the Period 1890 — 1922
name country type periodicity date started date ended notes
10 Story BookUS (Chicago)mixed19001903Started as a bibelot, finished as a pulp. Published popular fiction.
The AcademyGBinterweekly18691916Monthly before 1871. In ProQuest digital archive.
The Adelphi MagazineUSlittleone issue19221922
The AjaxUSlittlemonthly19161921
Alexander's MagazineUSlittlemonthly19051909An African American education magazine, published in Boston.
AlkahestUS (Atlanta)bibelotmonthly18961903
All's Well, or The Mirror RepolishedUSlittle monthly19201935Follows Reedy's Mirror.
L'AlouetteUSlittlevery irregular19211938
American Book-LoreUS (Milwaukee)bibelotquarterly18981899
The American Intercollegiate MagazineUSlittlemonthly19211922
The American MagazineUSpopularmonthly18761956Various titles before 1906, when muckraking journalists Ray Stannard Baker, Lincoln Steffens, and Ida M. Tarbell left McClure's Magazine for this one; writers include Jane Addams, "S. S. Van Dine," C. B. Kelland, C. Coolidge.
Angel's FoodUS (Los Angeles)bibelotweekly and bi-weekly19011901
The Anglo-Saxon ReviewGBlittlequarterly18991901Founded by Lady Randolph Churchill (Winston's mother). Contributors include Shaw, Beerbohm, Swinburne, and Henry James.
The Anti-PhilistineGB (London)bibelotmonthly18971897
The AntidoteGBlittleirregular19121915Backed by Lord Alfred Douglas, opposed modernism, published Sassoon.
The Apple of Beauty and DiscordGBlittlequarterly19201921Primarily devoted to visual art, criticism by Pound and others, art by Nash, Latour, Steinlen, Hokusai, Craig, Brangwyn, Fergusson, Conder, A. John, G. Raverat, Gaudier-Brzeska and others.
Appleton's Booklover's MagazineUSintermonthly19031909Title varied.
The ArenaUSintermonthly18891909More political and social than literary, but published some fiction and poetry, plus literary and dramatic criticism.
The ArgosyGBpopularmonthly18651901Greatest success was under editorship of Mrs. Henry Wood, 1867-1886, publishing many of her novels. Declined after her death.
The ArgosyUSpopularmonthly (1894-1917), various18821978Noted for hard boiled fiction. Changed names frequently but kept Argosy in the title.
The ArrowGB; Irelandlittleirregular19061909Abbey Theatre.
Art and LettersGBlittlequarterly19171920Has been situated in "the moment of transition to modernism"; edited by Rutter, Ginner, and Gilman. Poetry by Sassoon, Owen, Rosenberg, the Sitwells, Eliot; criticism by Herbert Read, Aldington; facsimile edition by Frank Cass, London, 1970 (ELM NO. 16).
ArtsmanUS (Philadelphia)bibelotmonthly19031907
Art Young QuarterlyUSlittleone issue19221922
AtalantaGBpopularmonthly18871898Authors include R. L. Stevenson, Rider Haggard, E. Nesbit, F. H. Burnett.
The Athenaeum and Literary ChronicleGBinter quarterly18281921
The Atlantic MonthlyUSintermonthly18572010+
AtmosUS (San Francisco)bibelotmonthly19021903
AtomUS (Brooklyn)bibelot19061906
The AuthorGBintermonthly18902010+Became quarterly in 1919.
AutocratUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly18951895
The Bachelor BookUS (Chicago; Wausau, WI)bibelotmonthly19001900
BarbarianUS (Reading, MA)bibelotonce19041904
The BatonUS (Kansas City)bibelotmonthly18951897
The Baton QuarterlyUS (Kansas City)bibelotquarterly18981898
The BaubleUS (Washington, DC)bibelotmonthly18951897
BelgraviaGBintermonthly18661899A middlebrow illustrated literary journal; declined in the 1890s.
BeltaineGBlittleirregular18991900Three issues published; Irish Literary Theatre, Yeats involved. Cass reprint.
The BibelotUS (Portland, ME)littlemonthly18951914Mainly a reprinter of literary works, including Celtic revival, symbolist, etc. Small size, cheap, well-printed.
The BiloustineUS (Evanston, IL)bibelottwice19011901
Birds of PassageUS (Gettysburg, PA)bibelotmonthly19041904
Black and WhiteGBpopularweekly18911912Richly illustrated by W. Crane, M. Greiffenhagen and others; printed writing by J. M. Barrie, H. James, A. Quiller-Couch, H. G. Wells, J. K. Jerome, W. Le Queux, A. E. W. Mason, E. Nesbit, and Bram Stoker.
The BlackboardUS (St. Paul, MN)bibelotmonthly19021903
The Black BookUS (New York)bibelotonce18951895
The Black CatUSintermonthly18951923Published fiction, including Jack London; died in 1920; revived in 1922 as semimonthly.
BlackfriarsGBreligiousmonthly19201964Incorporated Catholic Review (1913-18).
Blackwood's Edinburgh MagazineGB (Edinburgh, Scotland)intermonthly18171980Important in both Victorian and Modern Britain, publishing George Eliot, Conrad, Buchan, and Ian Hay.
BlastGBlittletwo issues19141915Vorticist manifesto, fiction by Lewis, Ford, West, art by Lewis, Nevinson, others. Criticism by Lewis, Pound, others. Facsimile by Gingko available. MJP edition.
The Blind ManUSlittleirregular19171917A dada-ist journal.
The Blue BookUS (Cincinnati)bibelotweekly18951895
The Blue BookUSpopularmonthly19051975Writers included Nelson S. Bond, Max Brand, Gelett Burgess, Agatha Christie, Irvin S. Cobb, William Lindsay Gresham, Robert A. Heinlein, MacKinlay Kantor, Willy Ley, Theodore Pratt. Ivan Sanderson, Luke Short, Booth Tarkington. Albert Payson Terhune, Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, and Philip Wylie. Some title changes and gaps in publication.
The Blue ReviewGBlittlemonthly19131913Mainly Murry and Mansfield; followed Rhythm. Cass reprint. MJP edition.
The Blue SkyUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly and bi-monthly18991902
The BohemianUS (Philadelphia)bibelotmonthly18971898
BohemianUS (Boston)bibelotmonthly19001909
The Book BoosterUS (Evanston, IL)bibelotonce19011901
Book CultureUS (Boston)bibelotmonthly18991899
The BookmanGBintermonthly18911935Merged with London Mercury, 1935.
The BookmanUSintermonthly18951933First to list best sellers.
The Book of the MonthUS (Yonkers, NY)bibelotmonthly19031903
The BooksellerGBinter monthly18582010+Became weekly in 1909.
The Boy's Own PaperGBpopularmonthly18791967Began as a weekly, but was well-known through annual bound volumes. Became monthly in 1913. Aimed at a youthful audience, as its title proclaims, it published T. B. Reed's school stories, early work by A. C. Doyle and L. Charteris, and many other popular writers.
Bradley, His BookUS (Springfield, MA)bibelot18961897
BroomUS; abroadlittlemonthly19211924Kraus reprint, with ads.
Bruno Chap BooksUSlittleirregular19151916See other Bruno publications.
Bruno'sUSlittleweekly 19171917See other Bruno magazines.
Bruno's BohemiaUSlittlemonthly19181918See other Bruno's.
Bruno's Review of LifeUS (New York)bibelot19001922
Bruno's Review of Life, Love, and LettersUSlittlemonthly19191919See other Bruno magazines.
Bruno's Review of Two WorldsUSlittlemonthly19201922See other Bruno's.
Bruno's WeeklyUSlittleweekly19151916See other Bruno publications.
The Burlington Magazine for ConnoisseursGBgroupmonthly19031947In JSTOR.
The ButterflyGB (London)bibelot18931894
The ButterflyGB (London)bibelotmonthly18991900
The Butterfly QuarterlyUS (Philadelphia)bibelotquarterly19071909
Buzz SawUS (New York)bibelot18971897
Cambridge MagazineUS (Cambridge, MA)bibelotmonthly18961896
The Cambridge ReviewGBinterweekly (Oct-June)18792010+
Camera WorkUSlittlequarterly19031917Stieglitz, devoted to photography. Kraus reprint '69.
The CaptainGBpopularmonthly18991924A youth-oriented version of The Strand; published early work by P. G. Wodehouse.
Cassell's MagazineGBpopularmonthly18671932Some shifts in title. During this period writers published include A. C. Doyle, Rider Haggard, Kipling (Kim), Conrad, Wells, Chesterton, Bennett.
CatchwordsUS (Highland Park, ?)bibelot19061906
CaxtonUS (Pittsfield, MA)bibelot19101915
The Century Illustrated Monthly MagazineUSpopularmonthly18811930Originally Scribner's Monthly 1870-1881; writers incl. Henry James, Bret Harte, Howells, May Sinclair, Twain; poets incl. Amy Lowell, Frost, Santayana, art by M. Parrish, N. C. Wyeth.
Chambers's Edinburgh JournalGB (Edinburgh, Scotland)interweekly18321956Became a monthly in 1897; aimed at a middlebrow audience, it published early work by A. C. Doyle, M. Pemberton, E. W. Hornung, W. Le Queux, and also work by Mrs. Oliphant, G. Allen, W. Besant, A. Hope, J. Buchan, Sax Rohmer, (and a poem by Raymond Chandler in 1908). One of the longest running periodicals of the time.
The Chap-BookUS (Chicago; Cambridge)bibelotsemi-monthly18941898
The ChapbookGBlittlemonthly19201925Succeeded Poetry and Drama and Monthly Chapbook.
Chapman's MagazineGBpopularmonthly18951902A fiction magazine. Retitled Crampton's Magazine in in 1898. Writers included Violet Hunt, Arthur Machen, Stephen Crane, Edith Nesbit.
ChaptersUS (Manlius, NY)bibelotmonthly18961897
ChatUS (New York)bibelotmonthly19011903
The ChimaeraUSlittlemonthly19161916
ChipsUS (New York)bibelot18951896
The Chop-bookUS (New York)bibelot18961896
The Clack BookUS (Lansing, MI)bibelotmonthly18961897
ClipsUS (New York)bibelot18951897
The CliqueUS (Maywood, IL)bibelot18961896
Collier'sUSpopularweekly to 195318881957Art by Maxfield Parrish, Frederick Remington, cartoons, strong in photography; fiction by Kipling, Norris, Wister, Wharton, Tarkington, London, Churchill, Wodehouse, Cather, Gale, Rinehart, Marquand; W. Churchill essays in the thirties. An important magazine.
The Colored American MagazineUSlittlemonthly19001909Called itself , with considerable justification, "the only high-class illustrated monthly in the world devoted exclusively to the interests of the Negro Race." Published first in Boston, then in New York.
Colourintermonthly19141932Ran in three series with slight gaps between them. Primarily an art magazine, with work by F. Brangwyn, E. Dulac, W. R. Flint, A. John, A. O. Spare, J. B. Yeats and others, as well as art criticism, it also published fiction.
CommentatorUS (New York)bibelot19011901
The CompetitorUS (Pittsburgh)littlemonthly19201921Short-lived magazine aimed at the Black middle class.
The ComradeUSlittlemonthly19011905First socialist magazine in U.S.; contributors: Tolstoy, Gorky, Turgenieff; J. London, C. P. Gilman. U. Sinclair, E. Markham; E. Debs W. Crane; R. Walker, D. Beard.
ContactUSlittleirregular19201932New Series begins in 1932.
The Contemporary ReviewGBintermonthly18662010+Incorporated Fortnightly Review in 1955. In ProQuest digital archive.
Contemporary VerseUSlittlemonthly19161929
The Cornhill BookletUS (Boston)bibelotmonthly19001914
The Cornhill Magazine GBintermonthly18601975A major Victorian periodical until 1882; minor thereafter.
The CorsairUS (Boston)bibelotweekly19021902
CosmopolisGB; Franceintermonthly18961898Published in English, French, and German, with a distinguished list of contributors. Kraus reprint.
Cosmopolitan MagazineUSpopularmonthly18862010+Began to flourish in the nineties; art by Gibson, Remington, Pyle, Cox; in 20th century, prose by Crane, Schreiner; fiction by Wells, Kipling, Stevenson, Twain, London; bought by Hearst in 1905; combined with Hearst's International 1925-52; published Wodehouse, Shaw, Doyle, Galsworthy, Corelli, Glyn, Beach, Oppenheim; in 30s West, Buck, Hurst, Ferber, Lewis, Christie, Queen, Forester; essays by Shaw, Einstein, Tarbell, FDR,; in 50s fiction by Hemingway, Paul, Hersey, Marquand.
CoterieGBlittlequarterly19191921Contributors include Eliot, Huxley, Aiken, Aldington, Read, the Sitwells, Blunden, Owen, H. D., Amy Lowell, and artists Hamnett, Modigliani Zadkine. Kraus Reprint. MJP edition.
The Country GentlemanUSpopularweekly18531950s?Various subtitles, fiction, poetry and articles.
Country Time and TideUS (Montague, MA)bibelotmonthly19021903
Courrier InnocentUS (Scituate, MA); France (Giverny)bibelot18911897
Cranbrook PapersUS (Detroit)bibelot19001901
The CrisisUS (New York)littlemonthly19102010+Edited by W. E. B. Du Bois, who wrote much of the content of the magazine including articles on lynching, the color line, racial congresses, colored women's clubs, columns on "men of month"; photographs, and stories, articles, or poems by Jessie Fauset (who was an important influence, and became literary editor in 1919), William Pickens, Mary W. Ovington, Leslie Pinckney Hill, William Stanley Braithwaite, and Charles W. Chesnutt.
The CriterionUS (New York)bibelot18971897
The CriticUSintervarious18811906Interesting mainly for reviews; absorbed by Putnam's in 1906.
Current Literature/Current OpinionUSintermonthly18881925Changed names in 1913; merged into Literary Digest 1925; mainly reprints and criticism.
The Daily TatlerUS (New York)bibelot18961896
The DamnUSlittleirregular19191919
DanaGB; Irelandlittlemonthly 19041905Eglinton edited, Moore, Dujardin, and Joyce contributed. MJP edition.
The DelineatorUSpopularmonthly18731937Originally a fashion magazine, it became more literary in the 20th cent.; T. Dreiser became editor 1907 to 1910; writers incl. Kipling, A. C. Doyle, M. R. Rinehart, Zona Gale, Arnold Bennett, Edith Wharton; art by N. C. Wyeth, Rockwell Kent.
The DialUS (Chicago; then New York)littlevarious18801929Various subtitles; many major writers, including poets Yeats, E. A. Robinson, Amy Lowell, E. St. V. Millay, Eliot, Pound, Cummings, prose by J. Dewey, G. Stein, T. Mann, D. H. Lawrence, Spengler, Bunin.
The DilettanteUS (Seattle)bibelotmonthly18991901
The DomeGBlittlequarterly18971900Contributors include Symons, Binyon, C. J. Holmes, L. Housman, R. Fry, Yeats; music by Elgar, Delius.
DramaGBprofessionalmonthly19191939Bi-monthly first year.
DriftUS (Portland, OR)bibelotmonthly18981911Absorbed by Pacific Monthly.
The Dublin ReviewGBinterquarterly18361939
The DwarfUS (Morton Park, IL)bibelotmonthly19011901
The Dwarf MagazineUS (New York)bibelot18961896
East & WestUS (New York)bibelot18991900
East & West: A Monthly ReviewIndia (Bombay*)bibelot19011921
Easy ChairUS (Macon, GA)bibelot18951895
EbellUS (Los Angeles)bibelotmonthly18981899
EchoUS (Chicago)bibelot18951897
The Edinburgh ReviewGB (Edinburgh, Scotland)interquarterly 18021929In ProQuest digital archive.
EgoUS (Canondale, PA)bibelot19021902
The EgoistGBlittlebi-monthly19141919One of the best known little mags; published major works by Eliot, Joyce, and others; followed New Freewoman. Kraus reprint.
The ElfGB (London*)bibelot18991900
Enfant Terrible!US (New York)bibelot18981898
The English Illustrated MagazineGBpopularmonthly18831913Ran in two series, with the new one starting in 1903. An artistic miscellany. Writers included Stevenson, Barrie, Wilde, Shaw, Hardy, James, Morris, Lucy Clifford, and Stephen Crane.
The English ReviewGBlittlemonthly19081937Edited by F. M. Hueffer for first year, A. Harrison for many more. Contributors included Hardy, Conrad, Wells James, Galsworthy, other major figures; merged with the National Review in 1937. MJP edition, 1908-10.
The EruditeUS (Worcester, MA)bibelot19001903
The EsseneUS (Denver)bibelot19021903
EventsUS (Wheeling, WV)bibelot18971898
The EvergreenGB (Edinburgh, Scotland*)bibelotquarterly18961896
Everybody's MagazineUSpopularmonthly18901929Dropped "Magazine" 1923.
Everybody's Story MagazineGBpopularmonthly19091914Second series started in 1913 as Everyone's. Pulbished light, moral stories.
The FadUS (San Antonio, TX)bibelot18961897
Fisic for FolksUS (Leominster, MA)bibelotmonthly 18991899
Fly LeafUS (Boston)bibelot18951896
FootlightsUS (Philadelphia)bibelot18941896
FormGBlittlequarterly19161922Suspended 1917-21.
Forms and FantasiesUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly18981899
The Fortnightly (Review)GBintermonthly (semi-monthly for first year only)18651954Founded in 1865 by Anthony Trollope and associates, including Walter Bagehot, George Eliot, Frederic Harrison, T. H. Huxley, and G. H. Lewes; under editor W. L. Courtney (1894-1928), published Pound, Joyce, Eliot.
The ForumUSintermonthly18861930Continued merged with others until 1950; mainly a critical review until 1905, when fiction and poetry began to appear; authors incl. Galsworthy, Wells, Hergesheimer, Millay, Lindsay, Mencken, Anderson, Bynner, Russell, Dreiser, Babbitt, Dewey.
Four o'clockUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly18971902Illustrated.
Four o'clockUS (New York)bibelot18981898
The Fra: A Journal of AffirmationUSlittlemonthly19081917Edited and published in East Aurora, NY, by Elbert Hubbard, this magazine was associated with the Roycroft branch of the Arts and Crafts movement. Stephen Crane and Carl Sandburg were among the contributors. It was large in format, with a lot of advertising. Hubbard and his wife died when the Lusitania was sunk and the magazine ended two years later. Over the course of time, the sub-title changed to "Exponent of the American Philosophy" and then to "For Philistines and Roycrofters."
The FreakUS (Sharon, MA)bibelotmonthly19021903
The FreemanUSinterweekly19201924
The Free SpiritUSlittlemonthly19191921Suspended 1920.
The FreewomanGBlittlemonthly19111913Made important reflexively by preceding Egoist; became New Freewoman; not reprinted.
Friday Literary ReviewUSpopularweekly19091914Supplement to the Chicago Evening Post.
The FrontierUSlittlethree yearly19201939
Fry's MagazineGBpopularmonthly19041914A sporting magazine that published fiction by Jack London and others.
The FugitiveUSlittlebi-monthly19221925
The FutureUS (Taunton, MA)bibelotmonthly18991900
The GauntletUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly19031903
Gems of American PatriotismUS (Washington, DC)bibelotquarterly18981898
The GhourlieUS (Morgantown, WV)bibelot19011903
The GlebeUSlittleirregular19131914
Gold BugUS (Chicago)bibelot19121912
The Golden HindGBlittlequarterly19221924
The Golden HyndeGBlittleirregular19131914
Good CheerUS (Boston)bibelotmonthly19001901
Good HousekeepingUSpopularmonthly18852010+For its first years a bi-weekly, it became monthly in 1891. Starting as devoted to "the higher life of the household" it published more fiction and some poetry from 1904 on. Writers included T. N. Page, R. Le Gallienne, M Deland, M. H. Vorse, Selma Lagerlof, J. Galsworthy, M. R. Rinehart, K. Norris, G. Stratton-Porter, E. Glasgow, and I. S. Cobb. There was also a British version, started in 1922.
Good MorningUSlittleweekly19191921Followed by Art Young Quarterly.
Good WordsGBpopularweekly18601911Resolutely middlebrow.
The Goose QuillUS (Chicago)bibelot19001904Illustrated.
The Grand MagazineGBpopularmonthly19051940One of the first of the "pulps" it included writers like Shaw, Wells, Mrs. Belloc Lowndes, Jack London, and A. C. Doyle. Ran a series on "My Best Story" with introductions by the authors.
The GrantaGBlittleweekly Oct to June18891962New series in 1980.
The GraphicGBpopularweekly18691932Published a mixture of news and fiction, including work by T. Hardy, Rider Haggard, H. G. Wells, J. Buchan, E. Wallace, Lord Dunsany, and V. Sackville-West.
The GrasshopperUS (Newport, RI)bibelotsemi-monthly18971898Illustrated.
The Gray GooseUS (Cincinnati)bibelot18971903
The Great Round WorldUS (New York)bibelotweekly18961903Illustrated.
The Green SheafGBlittlemonthly (13 numbers)19031904
Greenwich VillageUS (New York)littlesemi-monthly19151915A Bruno publication.
The GypsyGBlittletwo issues19151916
The Half Century Magazine US littlemonthly19161925Published in Chicago, it called itself "A Colored Monthly for the Businessman and the Homemaker."
HandicraftUS (Boston)bibelot19021903
HarlequinUS (Lockport, NY)bibelot18961896
Harper's BazaarUSpopularweekly18672010+Changed spelling to Bazaar in 1929; purchased by Hearst in 1913; a "women's" magazine; published fiction regularly.
Harper's Monthly MagazineUSpopularmonthly18502010+Serials by Dickens, Thackeray, Bulwer, G. Eliot, Trollope, Hawthorne, Twain, Du Maurier stories by Melville, art by W. Homer, essays by Howells, art by N. C. Wyeth; shifted from serials to short fiction in modern period.
Harper's WeeklyUSpopularweekly18571916Serial fiction by Dickens, Collins, cartoons by T. Nast, drawings by Gibson; faded and died in modern period.
Hart's YarnsUS (New York)bibelot19011902
HatchetUS (Leavenworth, KS)bibelotirregular18961897Illustrated.
The Higher LawUS (Boston)bibelot18991902
The HobbyUS (Baltimore)bibelot19021902
The Hobby HorseGBlittleannual/ quarterly18841894Organ of the Century Guild.
Home CraftUS (Chicago)bibelot18991900
HomoUS (Beverly, NJ)bibelot19011902
The Honey JarUS (Columbus, OH)bibelot18981906
HoppergrassUS (Ashland, VA)bibelotmonthly19001902Illustrated.
The Horn BookUS (New York)bibelot18951895
Hour BookUS (Cumberland, MD)bibelotmonthly18951895Illustrated.
Hutchinson's Story MagazineGBpopularmonthly19191929Did a lot of serializing, with such writers as Baroness Orczy, Rider Haggard, "Sapper," Ruby Ayres, and R. Sabatini. Some slight changes in title.
The IdlerGBlittlemonthly18921911Founded by Jerome K. Jerome; a middlebrow literary journal. Authors included Kipling, Wells, Hope, Gissing, Weyman, and Le Queux.
IdlerUS (East Orange, NJ)bibelotmonthly19101912
The IdolUS (San Francisco)bibelot19011901
The Illustrated London NewsGBpopularweekly18421971Began to publish fiction regularly in the 1880s, publishing work by W. Besant, B. Harte, Hall Caine, Rider Haggard, R. L. Stevenson, T. Hardy, H. James, A. Quiller-Couch, E. Nesbit, J. Conrad, G. k. Chesterton, and others.
The ImpressionistUS (New York)bibelot18991900
The ImpressionistUS (St. Louis)bibelot19021903
ImpressionsUS (San Francisco)bibelotmonthly19001903Illustrated.
Ink PotUS (New York)bibelot19161916
In Lantern LandUS (Hartford, CT)bibelotmonthly18981899
In Many KeysUS (Muskegon, MI)bibelot19001902
The InquisitorUS (Boston)bibelot19071907
The InsurgentUS (Los Gatos, CA)bibelot19101910
The Irish ReviewIrelandlittlemonthly19111914Contributors include W. B. Yeats, P. Colum, AE, K. Tynan, J. Stephens, J. Eglinton, F. Reid, E. Farjeon.
The IshmaeliteUS (Indianapolis)bibelotmonthly18971899Illustrated.
ItUS (Lancaster, PA)bibelot19101910
ItemsUS (Chicago)bibelotweekly19021902
JabsUS (Chicago)bibelot19011903
The JawboneUS (Whitewood, SD)bibelot19051909
The JesterUS (Chicago)bibelot19011901
Les JeunesUS (New York)bibelot19001900
John-a-DreamsUS (New York)bibelot18961897
The JunkUS (New York)bibelot19011902
The Kansas KnockerUS (Topeka, KS)bibelotquarterly19001901
The KioteUS (Lincoln, NE)bibelotmonthly18981901Illustrated.
A Kipling Note BookUS (New York)bibelot18991900
The Kit-BagCanada (Fredericton, NB*)bibelot19011903
Kit-KatUS (Philadelphia)bibelotweekly18961897Illustrated.
Kit-KatsUS (Pittsburg)bibelotmonthly19001901
KleonUS (Scranton, PA)bibelotmonthly19001901Illustrated.
Klondike GrubstakesUS (Seattle, WA)bibelotmonthly18971898
The Knight-ErrantUS (Boston)bibelotquarterly18931893>
The KnockerUS (Philadelphia)bibelotmonthly19011901
The KnockerUS (Blair, NE)bibelotmonthly19021903
The Ladies Home JournalUSpopularmonthly18832010+Got serious about fiction in the 90s; authors incl. Kipling, Twain, Harte, Crawford, Doyle, Garland, Harris, Jewett, Wiggin; art by Pyle, Gibson; essays by Addams, Keller, T. Roosevelt, W. L. Phelps; continued strong in fiction and essays in later decades.
The Lady's MagazineGBpopularmonthly19011905Some title changes. Fiction and reporting on women's activities. Writers included Hall Caine, Rosalie Neish. Art by Rackham and others.
The Lady's RealmGBmixedmonthly18961916Aimed at a social, but not an intellectual, elite, this magazine published writers like E. F. Benson, Rider Haggard, Walter De la Mare, and had articles about such writers as Frances hodgson Burnett, and Marie Corelli.
Land and SeaUS (New York)bibelot19041904
The LanternUSlittleirregular19131913
The LanternUSlittlemonthly19151918
Lantern LandUS (Hartford, CT)bibelot18981899
The LarkUS (San Francisco)bibelotmonthly18951896Illustrated.
The Laughing HorseUSlittleirregular19221939
The LeavenUS (Northfield, MN)bibelot19001901
The LiberatorUSlittlemonthly19181924Follows The Masses.
The LibraryGBprofessionalmonthly/ quarterly18892010+Many series name changes.
LifeUSpopularweekly to 1931, monthly thereafter18831936Began as a picture weekly with comic interests; Gibson's first drawing in 1887, becoming owner in 1920; writing by F. P. Adams, D. Parker, W. Rogers, R. Lardner, W. Winchell; name sold in 1936, when new version began.
The LimnerUS (New York)bibelotmonthly18951895Six issues published, between February and July '95; illustrated.
The Lion's MouthUS (Cincinnati)bibelotmonthly19001901Illustrated.
Lippincott's MagazineUSpopularmonthly18681916Fiction by Henry James, Ouida; J. B. Esenwein became editor in 1905, published detective and other fiction, travel, poetry.
The Literary DigestUSpopularweekly18901938Merged with Time in 1938; condensations of articles from other mags, some reviews, clippings from newspapers; political more than literary.
The Literary DotUS (New York)bibelotmonthly19001900Illustrated.
The Literary Guide and Rationalist ReviewGBlittlemonthly18961941Part of longer series.
The Literary ReviewUS (Boston)bibelot18971900
The Literary WorldUSintervarious18701904Absorbed by The Critic, which was then absorbed by Putnam's; published literary criticism.
LiteratureGBinterweekly18971902Merged with Academy in 1902.
Little BookUS (Milwaukee)bibelot19081908
Little ChapUS (Manlius, NY)bibelot18961896
Little JourneysUS (East Aurora, NY)bibelot18941903
The Little MonthlyUS (New York)bibelot18931894
The Little ReviewUS (Chicago, NY), France (Paris)littleirregular19141929One of the most important little mags; contributors included Anderson, Lindsay, Bodenheim, Pound, Joyce, Crane, Aldington, W. Lewis, Cocteau, Apollinaire, Tzara, K. Burke; edited by Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap. Kraus Reprint.
The Little SmokerUS (Chicago)bibelot18961896
A Little SpasmAt the home of Mozart?bibelot19011901
Lloyd's MagazineGBpopularmonthly19171923Incorporating an earlier magazine devoted to mothers and babies, this magazine began with work by Edgar Wallace and Sax Rohmer. The amount of fiction kept increasing, and writers like Conrad, Beresford, and Katherine Tynan appeared.
The London MagazineGBpopularmonthly18981933Beginning with Harmsworth in the title and going through a number of variants, this was the largest-selling magazine of the Edwardian era. Authors included Wells, Hardy, and Edith Nesbit, whose Railway Children ran as a serial in 1905-06. Later, Quiller-Couch, Conrad, Sabatini, Bennett, Wodehouse, Jack London, Milne, Wren, and "Sapper" contributed.
The London MercuryGB (London)intermonthly19191939 A Georgian journal, relatively conservative, even anti-modernist, in literary matters; contributors included Hardy, Gosse, Brooke, Davies, De la Mare, Frost, Yeats, Lindsay, Blunden, Aiken, Lawrence, V. Woolf, K. Mansfield, M. Praz, E. Muir; edited by J. C. Squire until 1934.
The London Quarterly ReviewGBinterquarterly18531968Other series, varying titles.
Longman's MagazineGBintermonthly18821905 An interesting mixture of high and middle-brow fiction and essays; A. Lang was influential editor.
The LotusUS (Kansas City)bibelotmonthly18951897Illustrated.
LotusUS (New York)bibelot19111919
Lucifer's LanternUS (Salt Lake City)bibelot18981901
The Lucky DogUS (Springfield, OH)bibelot19001903
The Ludgate MonthlyGBpopularmonthly18911901Published the first story about a female private detective, by Catherine L. Pirkis in 1893, but thisis a minor periodical. Merged with The Universal Magazine in 1901.
The LyricUSlittlemonthly19171919Suspended in 1918.
The Lyric WestUSlittlemonthly19211927
MachereUS (Keene, NH)bibelot19001900
Macmillan's MagazineGBintermonthly18591905A major Victorian monthly that set as modernism rose; in ProQuest digital archive.
The MadrigalUSlittlemonthly19171918
The Magazine MakerUS (New York)bibelot19111911
Magazine of PoetryUS (New York)bibelotmonthly19001900Illustrated.
The MagpieUS (Charlottesville, VA)bibelotmonthly18961896Illustrated.
The Magpiemixedmonthly19121914Short lived, pulpy in format, but serious as a fiction magazine. Published work by F. M. Hueffer's younger brother Oliver, and by such writers as Compton Mackenzie, Max Rittenberg, Gouverneur Morris, Upton Sinclair, Tolstoy, and Roy Vickers.
The Mahogany TreeUS (Boston)bibelotweekly18921892Illustrated.
Ye ManualUS (Providence, RI)bibelot19021903
The ManuscriptUS (New York)bibelot19011901
Many KeysUS (Muskegon, MI)bibelot19011901
The MarionetteItalylittlemonthly19181919English language.
The MaskItalylittlequarterly19081929English language; edited by Gordon Craig; devoted to the theatre; Craig is the major voice; suspended 1915-18. Reprint Blom.
The MassesUS (New York)littlemonthly19111917A major little magazine; a number of editors, including M. Eastman and F. Dellstrong; visual art by Bellows and others; writing by J. Reed, L. Untermeyer, C. Sandburg, W. Lippmann, A. Giovannitti and others; suspended Sep-Nov, 1912. Kraus reprint.
McCall's MagazineUSpopularmonthly18972001Absorbed The Queen of Fashion in 1897; remained a women's magazine; fiction writers include D. Canfield, K. Norris, B. Tarkington, M. R. Rinehart, Z. Grey, H. Broun, F. S. Fitzgerald, J. P. Marquand.
McClure's MagazineUSpopularmonthly18931929One of the cheap popular magazines that also published work of literary quality and important muckraking journalism; authors included Kipling, Jack London, A. C. Doyle, S. Crane, W. Cather, W. B. Yeats; declined after 1919; microfilm only.
McC's IllustratedUS (Detroit)bibelotmonthly18981898Illustrated.
The MeasureUSlittlemonthly19211926
Medical TractatesUS (Boston)bibelot19021902
The MessengerUS (New York)bibelot19121912
The MessengerUSlittlemonthly19171928Published in New York by A. Phillip Randolph, labor organizer of The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, and subtitled the "World's Greatest Negro Monthly," it called itself the "only radical Negro magazine in America." A very interesting magazine from both literary and political perspectives.
Midget MagazineUS (New York)bibelot19081909
The MidlandUSlittlemonthly19151933Absorbed by The Frontier.
The Milwaukee Arts MonthlyUSlittlemonthly19221923
The MinaretUSlittlemonthly19151926Suspended 1917-1923.
Miss Blue StockingUS (Boston)bibelotmonthly and semi-monthly18961896Illustrated.
M'lle New YorkUSlittlebi-weekly18951899Suspended 1907; edited by Vance Thompson and James Hunecker; published mainly commentary on literature, music, and the arts.
Modern ArtUS (Indianapolis; Boston)bibelot18931897
Modern IdeasUS (Joliet, IL)bibelot18981898
Modern ReviewUSlittlequarterly19221924Joined S 4 N in 1926.
The Modern SchoolUSlittlemonthly19121922The organ of the anarchist modern school movement; began as newletter in 1911; may have continued after 1922; artists and poets contributed.
MonologueUS (Los Angeles)bibelot19011901
The MonthGBintermonthly18642010+A Catholic journal that has changed names a number of times; mainly essays; some poetry and fiction.
The Monthly ChapbookGBlittlemonthly19191925Follows Poetry and Drama, becomes The Chapbook in 1920.
The Monthly ReviewGBintermonthly19001907 An interesting failure; published R. Fry, W. B. Yeats; reviewed literature and art; microform.
MoodsUSlittlemonthly19081918Suspended 1910.
MorningsideUS (New York)bibelot18971928Published from Columbia University.
Mother EarthUSlittlemonthly19061917An anarchist journal, edited by Emma Goldman; contributors include Goldman, M. Bodenheim, M. Gorky, C. L. R. James, E. O'Neil, M. Sanger, L. Tolstoy; cover art by Man Ray; anthology published in 2001.
Munsey's MagazineUSpopularweekly; monthly after 189118891929Merged with Argosy in '29; authors incl. Hall Caine, H. R. Haggard, E. W. Wilcox, T. Roosevelt, W. D. Howells, A. C. Doyle, B. Harte, M. R. Rinehart.
The MuseUS (Oakland, CA)bibelotquarterly19001901Illustrated.
Nash's MagazineGBpopularmonthly19091950Absorbed Pall Mall in 1914. Sold to W. R. Hearst in 1909. Went through various shifts of title and mergers over the years. A fiction magazine. Authors included Rider Haggard, Kipling, Le Queux, Edith Nesbit, Mrs. Belloc Lowndes, K. Tynan, J. London, C. Mackenzie, G. Morris, E. Glyn, B. Tarkington, J. Galsworthy, E. P. Oppenheim, J. K. Jermoe, M. Sinclair, M. Corelli, O. Wister, H. G. Wells, S. Maugham, and A. Loos; artwork by Gibson, Winter, Foster, and Harrison Fisher.
The NationUSinterweekly18652010+Noted for criticism, not literature.
The Nation and AthenaeumGBinterweekly19211931Merger of The Nation and The Athenaeum.
The National GeographicUSpopularmonthly18882010+Started as a scholarly journal, it became one of the most widely circulated magazines in the world. Its visual material is especially important, as is its role as an interpreter of other cultures for its audience.
The National ReviewGBintermonthly18831960Literary interest declines in modern period; absorbed English Review in 1937.
The New AgeGBinterweekly19071938 Edited by A. R. Orage through 1922; a major site for debates over modernism. Contributors include Shaw, Wells, K. Mansfield, B. Hastings, Pound, Hulme, H. Read, E. Muir, W. Sickert; visual art by Beerbohm, Sickert, Gaudier-Brzeska, Ginner, Nevinson, cartoons by T. Titt, others. No reprint. MJP edition, 1907-22.
The New BohemianUS (Cincinnati)bibelot18951896
The New FreewomanGBlittlesemi-monthly19131914In this transitional phase of the magazine, Pound and Aldington become influential, W. C. Williams is published; intermediate stage between The Freewoman and The Egoist; edited by Dora Marsden; supported by Harriet Weaver. Kraus Reprint.
The New Literary ReviewUS (Boston)bibelotmonthly19021902Illustrated.
The New MagazineGBpopularmonthly19091930Originally published by Casell. Writers included Frank Shaw, Baroness Orczy, M. Leblanc, S. Rohmer, W. Le Queux, and "Sapper."
New NumbersGBlittlefour issues19141914
New NumbersUSlittle?1920?
The New PenUSlittlemonthly19211922
The New RepublicUSpopularweekly19142010+Suspended Oct 1914 to Nov 1919.
The New ReviewGBintermonthly18891897Absorbed by The Outlook in 1898; edited by W. E. Henley; published Yeats, Kipling, Wells, Conrad; an important journal of the transitional period.
The New ReviewUS (Boston)bibelot19021902
The New StatesmanGBinterweekly19131931Founded to put science into social management; contributors: G. B. Shaw, B. and S. Webb, D. MacCarthy, J. C. Squire, C. Sharp (Ed.), E. Davies.; continued with title changes after 1931.
The New York InquirerUS (New York)bibelot19031903
The Nickell MagazineUS (Boston)bibelot18931903Absorbed The Whole Family.
Nineteen-Ten MagazineUSlittleirregular19101910
The Nineteenth CenturyGBintermonthly18771900A serious Victorian periodical, more critical than literary.
The Nineteenth Century and AfterGBintermonthly19011951Was Nineteenth Century until 1901.
The NomadUSlittlequarterly19221924
The No Name MagazineUS (Baltimore)bibelot18901892
NoonUS (Evanston, IL)bibelotmonthly19001902Illustrated.
The North American ReviewUSintervarious18151939A Major American literary journal; declined in the 20th cent.; in ProQuest digital archive.
North Carolina BookletUS (Raleigh, NC)bibelot19011926
The Novel MagazineGBpopularmonthly19051937Published by Pearson, this was the first British all-fiction magazine. Writers were mainly connected to Pearson's and included Broness Orczy, R. Sabatini, P. G. Wodehouse, Edgar Wallace, and Roy Vickers.
The Occasional OneUS (Dunkirk, NY)bibelot19011903
The OccidentUSlittlemonthlypre 1920post 1925
OlympianUS (Nashville)bibelot19031903
The OnlookerUS (New York)bibelotweekly18991902Illustrated.
The Open WindowGBlittlemonthly19101911Short-lived but high quality; published drama, fiction, poetry, art, including fiction by E. M. Forster and K. Mansfield.
Opera GlassUS (Boston)bibelot18951897
The OptimistUS (Boone, IA)bibelot19001901
OthersUSlittlemonthly19151919Contributors: W. C. Williams, W. Stevens, M. Moore, Mina Loy, E. Pound, C. Aiken, C. Sandburg, T. S. Eliot, A. Lowell, H. D., Djuna Barnes, Man Ray, S. Cannell, L. Ridge, M. Duchamp.
Our CountryUS (New York)bibelot18951897
The OwlUS (Lowell, MA)bibelot18961896
The OwlUS (Boston; New York)bibelotmonthly18961900
The OwlGBlittleirregular19191923Robert Graves edited; published Georgian poets and others; art by Pamela Bianco. MJP edition.
The Oxford OutlookGBlittleirregular19191932
Oyler's MagazineUS (Minneapolis)bibelot19051905
PaganUS (New York)bibelot19171920
The PaganUSlittlemonthly19161922
The PageGB (Hackbridge, Surrey, England*)bibelotmonthly18981901
PageantUS (Chicago)bibelot19051905
The PageantGBlittleannual18961897Contribs include Swinburne, W. B. Yeats, Verlaine, Maeterlinck, T. S. Moore, L. Johnson, R. Bridges, M. Beerbohm, E. Dowson; art by Burne-Jones, Whistler, D. G. Rossetti, W. Rothenstein, G. Moreau, L. Pissaro.
The Palatine ReviewGBlittlequarterly19161917
Pall Mall MagazineGBmixedmonthly18931914Absorbed by Nash's, 1914, it mixed fiction and reporting on social and political matters. Writers included P. Verlaine, A. Quiller-Couch, W. E. Henley, G. K. Chesterton, B. Stoker, G. Meredith, Rider Haggard, W. De la Mare, R. L. Stevenson, A. W. Pinero, G. Moore, H. G. Wells, J. Conrad, R. Sabatini, E. M. Forster, H. Belloc, And G. K. Chesterton; visual artists included E. Dulac, A. Rackham.
PanGBmixedmonthly19191924Ran in three series during its short life. Switched from weekly to monthly in 1920 and published more fiction, including work by P. G. Wodehouse, E. D. Biggers, R. H. Davis, E. Wallace, E. L. White, and R. Connell ("The Most Dangerous Game").
PapyrusUS (Newburgh, NY)bibelot18961896
The PapyrusUSlittlemonthly19031914Became Phoenix, June '14.
ParagraphsUS (Boston)bibelot18961896
PathfinderUS (Sewanee, TN)bibelot19061911
The Peace PipeUS (Seattle, WA)bibelot19101910
The Pearl MagazineUS (Boston)bibelotmonthly19011901Illustrated.
Pearson's MagazineGBmixedmonthly18961939A middlebrow journal, similar to the Windsor, it published writers like Dornford Yates, R. A. Freeman, Rider Haggard, R. L. Stevenson, A. C. Doyle, P. C. Wren, S. Maugham, and A. Waugh.
The PebbleUS (Omaha, NE)bibelotmonthly19001901Illustrated.
Penny FictionUS (New York)bibelot18921898
Penny MagazineUS (Philadelphia)bibelot18961896+
Penny MagazineUS (New York)bibelotmonthly18961901Illustrated.
Personal ImpressionsUS (San Francisco)bibelotmonthly19001900Illustrated.
Le Petit Journal des RéfuséesUS (San Francisco)bibelot18961896MJP edition.
The PhilistineUSintermonthly18951915A journal of literary criticism and satire.
PhilopolisUS (San Francisco)bibelot19061909
PhilosopherUS (Wausau, WI)bibelotmonthly18971906Illustrated.
The PhoenixUSlittlemonthly19141916Followed Papyrus.
PhonogramUS (New York)bibelot19001902
Phyllida, or the MilkmaidUS (San Francisco)bibelot18971897
PickwickUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly18981898Illustrated.
PierrotUS (Kansas City)bibelotmonthly18961896Illustrated.
The PilgrimUS (Milwaukee)bibelot18951896
Pink PillUS (Hobson, MT)bibelot19091909
PlayboyUSlittleirregular19191924Suspended 1921-1923.
PlowshareUS (Woodstock, NY)bibelot19171935
The Pocket MagazineUS (New York)bibelot18951901
Poet LoreUSintermonthly?18911939
PoetryUS (Chicago)littlemonthly19122010+A major little magazine that lasted like few others; poets and critics published here are a Who's Who of modern poetry and criticism: Pound, Eliot, V. Lindsay, Aldington, H. D., W. C. Williams, D. H. Lawrence, Wallace Stevens, and others; founded and edited in Chicago by Harriet Monroe; microfilm. MJP edition, 1912-22.
Poetry and DramaGBlittlequarterly19131914
Poetry JournalUS (Boston)bibelot19131914
The Poetry JournalUSlittlemonthly19121918Occasionally suspended.
The Poetry ReviewGBlittlemonthly/quarterly19121969Began as The Poetical Gazette in 1909, continued as Poetry Review after 1969.
The Poetry Review of AmericaUSlittlemonthly19161917
Poet's OwnUS (Louisville, KY)bibelot19031903
The Poet's ScrollUSlittlemonthly19221934
Poker ChipsUS (New York)bibelot18961896Absorbed by White Elephant.
The PosterUS (New York)bibelot18961896
Poster LoreUS (Kansas City)bibelot18961896
Pot-PourriUS (Boston)bibelotfortnightly18961896Illustrated.
Pot-PourriUS (Fremont, OH)bibelot18981899
The Powder MagazineUS (Detroit)bibelot19011901
The Premier MagazineGBpopularmonthly19141931Ran in three different series and was published fortnightly from 1919 to1923. Writers included Rohmer, Sabatini, Le Queux, A. P. Terhune, H. Belloc, G. K. Chesterton, J. K. Jerome, and A. Abdullah.
The PrincessUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly19011902Illustrated.
Pro Cingula VeritasUS (Concord, MA)bibelot19031903
The Progress MagazineUS (New York)bibelot19091909
The ProtestGB (Eden Bridge, Kent, England*)bibelot19021903
The Publisher's WeeklyUSinterweekly18722010+Important for listings and advertising.
PuckUSinterweekly18771918A humor magazine, at its best in the eighties and nineties; cartoons were a strength.
Putnam's MonthlyUSintermonthly18531910Various subtitles; absorbed The Critic in 1906; absorbed by the Atlantic Monthly in 1910.
Ye Quaint MagazineUS (Boston)bibelot19011903
The Quarterly NotebookUSlittlequarterly19161917
Quarterly ReviewUS (Kansas, MO)bibelotquarterly19161917
The Quarterly ReviewGBinterquarterly18091962
Quartier LatinFrance (Paris); GB (London); US (New York)bibelotmonthly18961899Illustrated.
The QuestUS (Boston); GB (Birmingham, England)bibelot18941896Illustrated.
The Quiet ObserverUS (Pittsburg)bibelotweekly19001901Illustrated.
QuillUS (San Francisco)bibelot18981898
QuillUS (New York)bibelot19171919
Quips and SnipsUS (Boston)bibelot19021902
Quivera LegendsUS (Roca, NE)bibelot18981900
Raab's ReviewUSlittlemonthly1920?
RealizationUS (Washington, DC)bibelot19001903
The RebelUS (Lincoln, NE)bibelot19001901
The RebelUS (Philadelphia)bibelot19011901
The Red LetterUS (Boston)bibelotmonthly18961897Illustrated.
The Red MagazineGBpopularmonthly19081939Poised between adult and juvenile fiction, and sometimes called The Harmsworth Red Magazine, it published work by F. H. Evans, E. M. Dell, G. Leroux, J. London, O. Onions, R. Sabatini, O. Henry, R. Newton, R. W. Chambers, Rider Haggard, E. Nesbit, U. Bloom, and ultimately F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Reedy's MirrorUSlittleweekly18911920Based in St. Louis, MO, this was an early and important little magazine, especially under the editorship of William Marion Reedy from 1913 to 1920, when it was an important rival to Poetry magazine of Chicago. Aka The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror.
The ReviewerUSlittlesemi-monthly19211925
The Review of ReviewsGBintermonthly18901936Somewhat different versions of this journal were published in the UK and the US; hence, entries for both in this list. Founded by W. T. Stead, this journal was designed to report on the world of journalism itself, and did so successfully until his death on the titanic in 1912. The magazine continued under various editors until it became TheWorld Review in 1936.
The Review of ReviewsUSintermonthly18911937The US version became more distinct in 1897; both reviewed other journals and published condensed versions of fiction by Tolstoy and others; merged with the Literary Digest in 1937.
The RhymsterUS (Hedrich, IA)bibelotmonthly19011901Illustrated.
RhythmGBlittlequarterly19111913Especially strong in modernist visual art, with Fergusson as art editor; artworks by Picasso, Gaudier-Brzeska, J. Dismorr and others; writing by Mansfield and Murry dominates; edited by J. M. Murry, with K. Mansfield and J. D. Fergusson. MJP edition.
The Rolling StoneUSlittleweekly18941895Short lived; owned and mostly written by W. S. Porter who later became better known as O. Henry.
RomanceUS (New York)bibelot18951896
Rose BushUS (Cleveland, OH)bibelot19061906>
The Rose-jarUS (New York)bibelot19041905
The Rough RiderUS (Butte, MT)bibelot19001901
The Royal MagazineGBpopularmonthly18981939After some title changes it became a screen magazine in 1935, though it had emphasized photography from the beginning. Writers included Orczy, Sabatini, Rohmer (under his real name of Ward), E. Glyn, M. Arlen, J. Hergesheimer, M. Edginton, and A. Achmed, but reporting and history were mixed with fiction in this magazine.
Roycroft QuarterlyUS (East Aurora, NY)bibelot18961896
The RubricUS (Chicago)bibelotbi-monthly19011902Illustrated.
S 4 NUSlittlemonthly19191925Combined with Modern Review 1926.
The Sage LeafUS (Boston)bibelot19011901>
SamhainGB; Irelandlittleirregular19011908Suspended 06-08. Cass reprint.
The SansculotteUSlittlemonthly19171917
The Saturday Evening PostUSpopularweekly18211969NOT founded in 1728 by Ben Franklin; became popular magazine in 1897, emphasizing business, politics, and romance; fiction by Frank Norris, Jack London, J. Conrad, Kipling, Crane, Dreiser, Wharton, Cather, H. G. Wells, R. Lardner, M. R. Rinehart, G. K. Chesterton, E. P. Oppenheim, B. Tarkington, P. G. Wodehouse, S. Lewis, K. Brush, J. P. Marquand; strong in visual art, with N. Rockwell starting in 1916--this journal is a treasure trove of Americana.
The Saturday ReviewGBinterweekly18551938The voice of upper-class England, it declined into fascist sympathy before its end in 1938; in the 1890s Shaw, Wells, and Beerbohm wrote for it.
The Saturday Review of LiteratureUSinterweekly19201986?
The SaturnianUSlittleirregular19211922
The SavoyGBlittlequarterly, monthly18961896Short-lived but interesting; fiction by Symons, Conrad, Yeats; prose by Pater, H. Ellis, Shaw, Beerbohm; art mostly by Beardsley.
The SchoolmasterUS (Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY)bibelot19001902
The Scots ObserverGBinterweekly18881897Became National Observer in 1890; edited mainly by W. E. Henley; authors include Kipling Yeats, Swinburne, Stevenson, A. Meynell, K. Graham, Mallarme.
Scribner's MagazineUSintermonthly18871939Writing by Kipling, Galsworthy, R. L. Stevenson, E. A. Robinson, A. Lowell, E. Wharton, S. Teasdale, F. S. Fitzgerald, A. C. Doyle, E. W. Hornung, T. Roosevelt, F. Nansen; microfilm, many bound copies around. MJP edition, 1910-22.
The ScrollCanada (Montreal*)bibelot19001901
SecessionEurope; USlittleirregular19221924
Seen and Heard by MegargeUS (Philadelphia)bibelotweekly19011903
The Seven ArtsUSlittlemonthly19161917An important little mag, for one with such a short run. Published poetry by Frost, Sandburg, A. Lowell, and others; fiction by S. Anderson, E. O'Neill, and D. H. Lawrence; criticism by R. Bourne, V. W. Brooks, W. Frank, Oppenheim; absorbed by The Dial. AMS Reprint.
Sewanee ReviewUSlittlequarterly18922010+Primarily a journal of literary criticism with a distinguished list of poets and academic critics writing for it.
The ShadowUS (Cambridge, MA)bibelot18961896
The ShanacieIrelandlittlequarterly19061907Contributors include J. M. Synge, W. B. Yeats, J. Eglinton, P Colum, J. B. Yeats, Lord Dundany.
SignatureGBlittlethree issues19151915
The SkepticUS (Boston)bibelot18961897
The Smart SetUSpopularmonthly19001930Contributors include Jack London, A. Bierce, R. Herrick, J. B. Cabell, T. Dreiser, O. Henry, A. Symons, Huneker, D. H. Lawrence, G. Moore, F. Harris, W. B. Yeats, A. Schnitzler, F. Wedekind, A. Strindberg, and W. B. Yeats, along with Mencken and Nathan; various subtitles and many editors--the most famous being G. J. Nathan and H. L. Mencken, who ran the magazine from 1914 to 1923. W. H. Wright (later known as S. S. Van Dine) edited in 1913-14; microfilm.
Snap ShotsUS (New York)bibelot19011901
The SoilUSlittlemonthly19161917
The SonnetUSlittlebi-monthly19171921
SonnetUS (Williamsport, PA)bibelot19191919
Sothoron's MagazineUS (Philadelphia)bibelotmonthly18961897Illustrated.
The South Atlantic QuarterlyUSinterquarterly19022010+
The SpectatorGBinterweekly18281925
The SphereGBpopularweekly19001964An illustrated weekly, it published writing by H. Caine, R. W. Chambers, M. Corelli, T. Hardy, A. E. W. Mason, K. Mansfield, E. Nesbit and others.
St. NicholasUSpopularmonthly18731941Primarily for young people, its authors included Twain, T. Roosevelt, Henty, Kipling, E. St. V. Millay, W. Faulkner.
Steel PointsUS (Portland, OR)bibelot19061907
StevensoniaUS (New York)bibelot19001900
The StillettoUS (New York)bibelot19001900
Story BookUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly19011901Illustrated.
The Story-tellerUS (Terre Haute, IN)bibelot19001900
The Story-TellerGBpopularmonthly19071937Called "the best all-fiction magazine of its day" by M. Ashley; published work by H. Caine, E. P. Oppenheim, M. Bowen, O. Onions, M. Leblanc, A. and C. Askew, J. Futrelle, R. Sabatini, G. K. Chesterton, S. Rohmer, A. Bennett, R. Kipling, and, in later years, F. S. Fitzgerald, D. Sayers, and P. Gallico.
The Strand MagazineGBpopularmonthly18911950Provided the template for the illustrated popular magazine (Ashley); began with translations of Pushkin, Maupassant and others; introduced the short-story series with Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, continuing later with Wodehouse's Jeeves and others. Writers included W. Le Queux, E. Phillpotts, H. G. Wells, E. Nesbit, W. W. Jacobs, A. E. W. Mason, A. Bennett, H. Caine, Sapper, E. Dell, D. H. Lawrence, A. Huxley, D. Sayers, and A. Christie.
The Stratford JournalUSlittleirregular19161925
The StudioGB; USlittlemonthly18931964Vols. 1-116 have subtitle: an illustrated magazine of fine and applied art (varies slightly). From March 1897 to 1921, an American edition of the Studio was issued in New York, titled The International Studio. A certain part of each number was printed in England and joined with an American section to make the complete magazine. In 1922 the International Studio was purchased by the International Studio Inc., and was then produced wholly in America.
A Stuffed Club for EverybodyUS (Denver)bibelot19001903
StylusUS (New York)bibelot19101910
The SuffragistGBlittle1909
The SuffragistUSlittleweekly19131921Became monthly in 1920; the official pub. of National Woman's Party.
The SymposiumUS (Northampton, MA)bibelot18961896
T. P.'s WeeklyGBlittleweekly 19021916
TabascoUS (Lapeer, MI)bibelotmonthly19021902Illustrated.
Tales from Town TopicsUS (New York)bibelot19041904
The Tattler MagazineUS (Boston)bibelot18971898
Temple BarGBintermonthly18611906A Victorian journal that published serious fiction but could not adjust to modernism. In ProQuest digital archive.
Theatre Arts MagazineUS (Detroit)quarterly19161923Traces the emergence of modern American drama while covering dance and Broadway theater. Edited by Sheldon Cheney. Later becomes Theatre Arts Monthly (1924-39) and Theatre Arts (1939-64).
The ThistleUS (New Rochelle, NY)bibelot19021903
ThrushGBlittlemonthly19091910Hoffman/Ulrich missed this one.
The ThrushGB (London*)bibelot19011902
Time & the HourUS (Boston)bibelotweekly18961899Illustrated.
Time and TideGBinterweekly19201971
To-DayGBlittlemonthly19171923Contributors included Yeats and the Georgian Poets, but also Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot; Jackson wrote favorably about J. Joyce.; an earlier version, 1893-1905, published fiction by Stevenson, Kipling, Harte, and others; this later version, edited by H. Jackson, emerged from T. P. Weekly but was a new magazine. Bound editions, no Reprint.
To-morrowUS (Chicago)bibelot19051905
TouchstoneUS (New York)bibelot19171921
TrendUS (New York)bibelot19111915
Trimmed LampUS (Chicago)bibelot19141914
The TripodGBlittlemonthly Oct-June19121913
Truth in BostonUS (Boston)bibelot18951896
TwilightUS (San Francisco)bibelot18981898
Two Penny ClassicsUS (Chicago)bibelot18981898
Two TalesUS (Boston)bibelotweekly18921893
The TyroGBlittletwo issues19211922W. Lewis edited; very much a Lewis production, it emphasized visual art and included critical writing by T. S. Eliot, H. Read, J. Rodker, and Lewis himself. Cass reprint. MJP edition.
UrielUS (Boston)bibelot18951895
Valley MagazineUS (St. Louis)bibelot19031903By Reedy.
The VandalUS (Pittsburg)bibelot19001900
Vanity FairGBinterweekly18681928
Vanity FairUSpopularmonthly19141936
VarietiesUS (New York)bibelot18981898
The VentureGBlittleannual19031905Eds. L Housman and W. S. Maugham; contribs include J. Masefield, T. Hardy, S. Philips, F. Thompson, L. Binyon, Maugham, A. Meynell, V. Hunt, A. Symons, T. S. Moore, F. Farr, J. Joyce, O. Gogarty.
Verde MonsUS (Waits River, VT)bibelot
The Village MagazineUSlittleunique 19101910Revised version in 1920, 1925.
VogueUSpopularweekly to 191018922010+A fashion and society journal with very occasional forays into literature, publishing writers like Kate Chopin.
The Voice of the NegroUSlittlemonthly19041907Published in Atlanta and then in Chicago; writers included W. E. B. Du Bois, George Washington Carver, Mary Church Terrell, John H. Adams Jr., and Booker T. Washington.
The WashingtonianUS (Washington, DC)bibelot18971897
The Waste-basketUS (Detroit)bibelot18961896
WaveUS (Chicago)bibelot19221924
The WaveUS; Europelittleirregular19221924
Wayside TalesUS (Detroit)bibelot19011903
Westminster Chap BookUS (Franklin, IN)bibelotmonthly19021902Illustrated.
The Westminster MagazineUSlittlequarterly19111944Absorbed Bozart and Contemporary Verse.
The Westminster ReviewGBinterquarterly18241914
The Wet DogUS (Boston)bibelot18961896
What to EatUS (Minneapolis)bibelot18961903
What's the UseUS (East Aurora, NY)bibelot19011903
WheelsGBlittleannual19171921Ed. E. Sitwell; contribs include other Sitwells, N. Cunard, A. Huxley, I. Tree, E. W. Tennant. MJP edition.
The WhimUS (Newark, NJ)bibelot19011905
WhimsUS (New York)bibelotmonthly18961896Illustrated.
The WhisperUS (East Aurora, NY)bibelot19011902
The White ElephantUS (New York)bibelot18961897Absorbed Poker Chips.
The White OwlUS (Philadelphia)bibelotmonthly19011902Illustrated.
The White RabbitUS (Oberlin, OH)bibelotmonthly18971897Illustrated.
Why?US (Cedar Rapids, IA)bibelot18971897
The Wild HawkUSlittlemonthly19121936Became The Plowshare in 1916.
The WindmillGB (London*)bibelotquarterly18981899
Windsor MagazineGBpopularmonthly18951939Running right through the rise of modernism, this magazine was everything modernism was not, as the following list of contributors indicates: Marie Corelli, Grant Allen, Hall Caine, Rider Haggard, Bret Harte, Rudyard Kipling, W. D. Howells, and Jack London. It also welcomed Dornford Yates and P. G. Wodehouse's early works; bound copies around. No reprint.
WisdomUS (Boston)bibelot19021902
The Woman at HomeGBmixedmonthly18931931Some title changes over the life of the magazine; began as a "female Strand" (Ashley), aimed at middle-class women; mixed society reporting with literary material, including interviews, profiles, and portraits; writers included G. Atherton, M. Sinclair, E. Nesbit, W. Le Queux, E. P. Oppenheim, Baroness Orczy, E. F. Benson, and R. West.
Woman's Home CompanionUSpopularmonthly18971957Assumed present title in 1897, after which authors include H. Garland, S. O. Jewett, B. Harte, R. Sabatini, J. London, K. Norris, W. Cather, S. Anderson, B. Tarkington, E. Glasgow, S. Lewis, P. Buck, J. Galsworthy, A. Bennett.
The Woman's ProtestUSlittlemonthly19121918Pub. of the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage.
The World's WorkUSintermonthly19001932This was a major voice of American capitalism until it merged with Review of Reviews in 1932; social and political rather than literary, it published important prose by B. T. Washington, W. E. B. Du Bois; some discussion of literature and visual art; and chapters on Arabia by T. E. Lawrence in 1921. Its editor until 1913 was Arthur Page, of the Doubleday and Page publishing firm, which published the magazine. Page championed "Talylorism" in industry and was very critical of public services, including the army and the postal service.
The YahooUS (St. Louis)bibelot19031903
The Yellow BookGBinterquarterly18941897Justly famous and much reprinted.
The Yellow BookUS (New York)bibelot18971898Absorbed Yellow Kid.
The Yellow DogUS (Chicago)bibelotmonthly19011901Illustrated.
The Yellow KidUS (New York)bibelot18971897Absorbed by Yellow Book.
Yours TrulyUS (Chicago)bibelot19051907