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The New Age
Orage, A. R. (editor)
London: The New Age Press, 1907 / 1922

The New Age was a weekly magazine, printed in double columns, folio sized, and mostly in type sizes that varied from small to miniscule. A rather different journal had been appearing under that name when a group led by G. B. Shaw decided to provide some funding and asked A. R. Orage and his friend Holbrook Jackson to begin a "New Series" in the spring of 1907. From then on, volumes ran for six months, with pages numbered accordingly. Among the notable contributors were Katherine Mansfield, Ezra Pound, Beatrice Hastings, T. E. Hulme, Walter Sickert, Marmaduke Pickthall, and Herbert Read. The magazine played a central role in the debates over modernism and in the social and political issues of the day. The New Age continued for some years after Orage resigned, but is not of comparable interest.

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