Word frequencies distributed by genre across year/volume.

4.3: The Masses transcripts organized by volume and genre both

The words in each of the seven volume/year groupings below are the very same words–except for all instances of [pgbrk], which have been deleted here–that appear in section 4.1: Masses transcripts organized by volume/year. The difference is that while the text in the 4.1 volumes is ordered chronologically by issue (e.g., 1.1, 1.2, 1.3), the text in the groupings below is ordered by genre (e.g., ads, articles, contents, drama). This configuration allows us to explore how words from the Masses’ nine genres are distributed within each year/volume of the magazine.

Vol 1: Jan-Dec 1911 (12 issues: 1.1-4 edited by Thomas Selzter, 1.5-12 edited by Horatio Winslow):

Vols 3 & 4.1-2: Jan-Aug 1912 (8 issues, edited by Piet Vlag):

Vol 4.3-12: Dec 1912-Sep 1913 (10 issues, edited by Max Eastman):

Vol 5: Oct 1913-Sep 1914 (12 issues, edited by Eastman):

Vol 6: Oct 1914-Sep 1915 (12 issues, edited by Eastman):

Vols 7.1 & 8.2-12: Oct/Nov 1915-Oct 1916 (12 issues, edited by Eastman):

Vols 9 & 10.1/2: Oct 1916-Nov/Dec 1917 (13 issues, edited by Eastman):

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