Periodical Database

Periodical Database

The Periodical Database is intended to provide basic information about all the English-language magazines of literary and artistic interest operating during the period from 1890 to 1922. We stop at 1922 for copyright reasons, with the intellectual justification that we are interested in the rise of modernism, which may be considered complete by that date. The list may be downloaded or used in any way scholars and students of modernism wish to use it.

The MJP exists mainly to provide digital editions of magazines from this period, with full editorial support. This list is a work in progress, and we invite all those interested to help us improve it.

Sort the magazine data, in ascending or descending order, by clicking on any category at the top. Orange titles link directly to their digitized version.
Youth US Little Monthly 1921 1922
Youth US Little Bi-Monthly 1918 1919
Yours Truly US (Chicago) Bibelot 1905 1907
The Yellow Kid US (New York) Bibelot 1897 1897 Absorbed by Yellow Book.
The Yellow Dog US (Chicago) Bibelot Monthly 1901 1901 Illustrated.
The Yellow Book US (New York) Bibelot 1897 1898 Absorbed Yellow Kid.
The Yellow Book GB Inter Quarterly 1894 1897 Justly famous and much reprinted.
The Yahoo US (St. Louis) Bibelot 1903 1903
The World’s Work US Inter Monthly 1900 1932 This was a major voice of American capitalism until it merged with Review of Reviews in 1932; social and political rather than literary, it published important prose by B. T. Washington, W. E. B. Du Bois; some discussion of literature and visual art; and chapters on Arabia by T. E. Lawrence in 1921. Its editor until 1913 was Arthur Page, of the Doubleday and Page publishing firm, which published the magazine. Page championed "Talylorism" in industry and was very critical of public services, including the army and the postal service.
The Woman’s Protest US Little Monthly 1912 1918 Pub. of the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage.
Woman’s Home Companion US Popular Monthly 1897 1957 Assumed present title in 1897, after which authors include H. Garland, S. O. Jewett, B. Harte, R. Sabatini, J. London, K. Norris, W. Cather, S. Anderson, B. Tarkington, E. Glasgow, S. Lewis, P. Buck, J. Galsworthy, A. Bennett.
The Woman at Home GB Mixed Monthly 1893 1931 Some title changes over the life of the magazine; began as a "female Strand" (Ashley), aimed at middle-class women; mixed society reporting with literary material, including interviews, profiles, and portraits; writers included G. Atherton, M. Sinclair, E. Nesbit, W. Le Queux, E. P. Oppenheim, Baroness Orczy, E. F. Benson, and R. West.
Wisdom US (Boston) Bibelot 1902 1902
Windsor Magazine GB Popular Monthly 1895 1939 Running right through the rise of modernism, this magazine was everything modernism was not, as the following list of contributors indicates: Marie Corelli, Grant Allen, Hall Caine, Rider Haggard, Bret Harte, Rudyard Kipling, W. D. Howells, and Jack London. It also welcomed Dornford Yates and P. G. Wodehouse's early works; bound copies around. No reprint.
The Windmill GB (London*) Bibelot Quarterly 1898 1899
The Wild Hawk US Little Monthly 1912 1936 Became the Plowshare in 1916
Why? US (Cedar Rapids, IA) Bibelot 1897 1897
The White Rabbit US (Oberlin, OH) Bibelot Monthly 1897 1897 Illustrated.
The White Owl US (Philadelphia) Bibelot Monthly 1901 1902 Illustrated.
The White Elephant US (New York) Bibelot 1896 1897 Absorbed Poker Chips.
The Whisper US (East Aurora, NY) Bibelot 1901 1902
Whims US (New York) Bibelot Monthly 1896 1896 Illustrated.
The Whim US (Newark, NJ) Bibelot 1901 1905
Wheels GB Little Annual 1917 1921 Ed. E. Sitwell; contribs include other Sitwells, N. Cunard, A. Huxley, I. Tree, E. W. Tennant. MJP edition.
What’s the Use US (East Aurora, NY) Bibelot 1901 1903
What to Eat US (Minneapolis) Bibelot 1896 1903
The Wet Dog US (Boston) Bibelot 1896 1896
The Westminster Review GB Inter Quarterly 1824 1914
The Westminster Magazine US Little Quarterly 1911 1944 Absorbed Bozart and Contemporary Verse.
Westminster Chap Book US (Franklin, IN) Bibelot Monthly 1902 1902 Illustrated.
Wayside Tales US (Detroit) Bibelot 1901 1903
The Wave US; Europe Little Irregular 1922 1924
Wave US (Chicago) Bibelot 1922 1924
Wave Bibelot 1894 1895
The Waste-basket US (Detroit) Bibelot 1896 1896
The Washingtonian US (Washington, DC) Bibelot 1897 1897
Wales GB Inter Monthly 1911 1914
Voices US Little Bi-Monthly 1921 Recent
Voices GB Little Irregular 1919 1921
The Voice of the Negro US Little Monthly 1904 1907 Published in Atlanta and then in Chicago; writers included W. E. B. Du Bois, George Washington Carver, Mary Church Terrell, John H. Adams Jr., and Booker T. Washington.
Vogue US Popular Weekly to 1910 1892 2010+ A fashion and society journal with very occasional forays into literature, publishing writers like Kate Chopin.
Vision US Little Quarterly 1911 1912
The Village Magazine US Little Unique 1910 1910 Revised version in 1920, 1925.
Verde Mons US (Waits River, VT) Bibelot
The Venture GB Little Annual 1903 1905 Eds. L Housman and W. S. Maugham; contribs include J. Masefield, T. Hardy, S. Philips, F. Thompson, L. Binyon, Maugham, A. Meynell, V. Hunt, A. Symons, T. S. Moore, F. Farr, J. Joyce, O. Gogarty.
Varieties US (New York) Bibelot 1898 1898
Vanity Fair US Popular Monthly 1914 1936
Vanity Fair GB Inter Weekly 1868 1928
The Vandal US (Pittsburg) Bibelot 1900 1900
Valley Magazine US (St. Louis) Bibelot 1903 1903 By Reedy.
Uriel US (Boston) Bibelot 1895 1895
The Tyro GB Little Two Issues 1921 1922 W. Lewis edited; very much a Lewis production, it emphasized visual art and included critical writing by T. S. Eliot, H. Read, J. Rodker, and Lewis himself. Cass reprint. MJP edition.
Two Tales US (Boston) Bibelot Weekly 1892 1893
Two Penny Classics US (Chicago) Bibelot 1898 1898
Twilight US (San Francisco) Bibelot 1898 1898
Truth in Boston US (Boston) Bibelot 1895 1896
Truth GB Inter Weekly 1877 1957
The Tripod GB Little Monthly Oct-June 1912 1913
Trimmed Lamp US (Chicago) Bibelot 1914 1914
Trend US (New York) Bibelot 1911 1915
Touchstone US (New York) Bibelot 1917 1921
To-morrow US (Chicago) Bibelot 1905 1905
To-Day GB Little Monthly 1917 1923 Contributors included Yeats and the Georgian Poets, but also Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot; Jackson wrote favorably about J. Joyce.; an earlier version, 1893-1905, published fiction by Stevenson, Kipling, Harte, and others; this later version, edited by H. Jackson, emerged from T. P. Weekly but was a new magazine. Bound editions, no Reprint.
Time and Tide GB Inter Weekly 1920 1971
Time & the Hour US (Boston) Bibelot Weekly 1896 1899 Illustrated.
The Thrush GB (London*) Bibelot 1901 1902
Thrush GB Little Monthly 1909 1910 Hoffman/Ulrich missed this one.
The Thistle US (New Rochelle, NY) Bibelot 1902 1903
Theatre Arts Magazine US (Detroit) Quarterly 1916 1923 Traces the emergence of modern American drama while covering dance and Broadway theater. Edited by Sheldon Cheney. Later becomes Theatre Arts Monthly (1924-39) and Theatre Arts (1939-64).
Tempo US Little Irregular 1921 1923
Temple Bar GB Inter Monthly 1861 1906 A Victorian journal that published serious fiction but could not adjust to modernism. In ProQuest digital archive.
The Tattler Magazine US (Boston) Bibelot 1897 1898
Tales from Town Topics US (New York) Bibelot 1904 1904
Tabasco US (Lapeer, MI) Bibelot Monthly 1902 1902 Illustrated.
T. P.’s Weekly GB Little Weekly 1902 1916
The Symposium US (Northampton, MA) Bibelot 1896 1896
The Suffragist US Little Weekly 1913 1921 Became monthly in 1920; the official pub. of National Woman's Party.
The Suffragist GB Little 1909
Stylus US (New York) Bibelot 1910 1910
A Stuffed Club for Everybody US (Denver) Bibelot 1900 1903
The Studio GB; US Little Monthly 1893 1964 Vols. 1-116 have subtitle: an illustrated magazine of fine and applied art (varies slightly). From March 1897 to 1921, an American edition of the Studio was issued in New York, titled The International Studio. A certain part of each number was printed in England and joined with an American section to make the complete magazine. In 1922 the International Studio was purchased by the International Studio Inc., and was then produced wholly in America.
The Stratford Journal US Little Irregular 1916 1925
The Strand Magazine GB Popular Monthly 1891 1950 Provided the template for the illustrated popular magazine (Ashley); began with translations of Pushkin, Maupassant and others; introduced the short-story series with Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, continuing later with Wodehouse's Jeeves and others. Writers included W. Le Queux, E. Phillpotts, H. G. Wells, E. Nesbit, W. W. Jacobs, A. E. W. Mason, A. Bennett, H. Caine, Sapper, E. Dell, D. H. Lawrence, A. Huxley, D. Sayers, and A. Christie.
The Story-Teller GB Popular Monthly 1907 1937 Called "the best all-fiction magazine of its day" by M. Ashley; published work by H. Caine, E. P. Oppenheim, M. Bowen, O. Onions, M. Leblanc, A. and C. Askew, J. Futrelle, R. Sabatini, G. K. Chesterton, S. Rohmer, A. Bennett, R. Kipling, and, in later years, F. S. Fitzgerald, D. Sayers, and P. Gallico.
The Story-teller US (Terre Haute, IN) Bibelot 1900 1900
Story Book US (Chicago) Bibelot Monthly 1901 1901 Illustrated.
The Stilletto US (New York) Bibelot 1900 1900
Stevensonia US (New York) Bibelot 1900 1900
Steel Points US (Portland, OR) Bibelot 1906 1907
St. Nicholas US Popular Monthly 1873 1941 Primarily for young people, its authors included Twain, T. Roosevelt, Henty, Kipling, E. St. V. Millay, W. Faulkner.
The Sphere GB Popular Weekly 1900 1964 An illustrated weekly, it published writing by H. Caine, R. W. Chambers, M. Corelli, T. Hardy, A. E. W. Mason, K. Mansfield, E. Nesbit and others.
The Spectator GB Inter Weekly 1828 1925
The South Atlantic Quarterly US Inter Quarterly 1902 2010+
Sothoron’s Magazine US (Philadelphia) Bibelot Monthly 1896 1897 Illustrated.
Sonnet US (Williamsport, PA) Bibelot 1919 1919
The Sonnet US Little Bi-Monthly 1917 1921
The Soil US Little Monthly 1916 1917
Snap Shots US (New York) Bibelot 1901 1901
The Smart Set US Popular Monthly 1900 1930 Contributors include Jack London, A. Bierce, R. Herrick, J. B. Cabell, T. Dreiser, O. Henry, A. Symons, Huneker, D. H. Lawrence, G. Moore, F. Harris, W. B. Yeats, A. Schnitzler, F. Wedekind, A. Strindberg, and W. B. Yeats, along with Mencken and Nathan; various subtitles and many editors--the most famous being G. J. Nathan and H. L. Mencken, who ran the magazine from 1914 to 1923. W. H. Wright (later known as S. S. Van Dine) edited in 1913-14; microfilm.
Slate US Little Monthly 1917 1917
The Skeptic US (Boston) Bibelot 1896 1897
Signature GB Little Three Issues 1915 1915
The Shanacie Ireland Little Quarterly 1906 1907 Contributors include J. M. Synge, W. B. Yeats, J. Eglinton, P Colum, J. B. Yeats, Lord Dundany.
The Shadow US (Cambridge, MA) Bibelot 1896 1896
Sewanee Review US Little Quarterly 1892 2010+ Primarily a journal of literary criticism with a distinguished list of poets and academic critics writing for it.
The Seven Arts US Little Monthly 1916 1917 An important little mag, for one with such a short run. Published poetry by Frost, Sandburg, A. Lowell, and others; fiction by S. Anderson, E. O'Neill, and D. H. Lawrence; criticism by R. Bourne, V. W. Brooks, W. Frank, Oppenheim; absorbed by The Dial. AMS Reprint.
Seen and Heard by Megarge US (Philadelphia) Bibelot Weekly 1901 1903
Secession Europe; US Little Irregular 1922 1924
The Scroll Canada (Montreal*) Bibelot 1900 1901
Scribner’s Magazine US Inter Monthly 1887 1939 Writing by Kipling, Galsworthy, R. L. Stevenson, E. A. Robinson, A. Lowell, E. Wharton, S. Teasdale, F. S. Fitzgerald, A. C. Doyle, E. W. Hornung, T. Roosevelt, F. Nansen; microfilm, many bound copies around. MJP edition, 1910-22.
The Scots Observer GB Inter Weekly 1888 1897 Became National Observer in 1890; edited mainly by W. E. Henley; authors include Kipling Yeats, Swinburne, Stevenson, A. Meynell, K. Graham, Mallarme.
The Schoolmaster US (Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY) Bibelot 1900 1902
The Savoy GB Little Quarterly, Monthly 1896 1896 Short-lived but interesting; fiction by Symons, Conrad, Yeats; prose by Pater, H. Ellis, Shaw, Beerbohm; art mostly by Beardsley.
The Saturnian US Little Irregular 1921 1922
The Saturday Review of Literature US Inter Weekly 1920 1986?
The Saturday Review GB Inter Weekly 1855 1938 The voice of upper-class England, it declined into fascist sympathy before its end in 1938; in the 1890s Shaw, Wells, and Beerbohm wrote for it.
The Saturday Evening Post US Popular Weekly 1821 1969 NOT founded in 1728 by Ben Franklin; became popular magazine in 1897, emphasizing business, politics, and romance; fiction by Frank Norris, Jack London, J. Conrad, Kipling, Crane, Dreiser, Wharton, Cather, H. G. Wells, R. Lardner, M. R. Rinehart, G. K. Chesterton, E. P. Oppenheim, B. Tarkington, P. G. Wodehouse, S. Lewis, K. Brush, J. P. Marquand; strong in visual art, with N. Rockwell starting in 1916--this journal is a treasure trove of Americana.
The Sansculotte US Little Monthly 1917 1917
Samhain GB; Ireland Little Irregular 1901 1908 Suspended 06-08. Cass reprint.
The Sage Leaf US (Boston) Bibelot 1901 1901>
S 4 N US Little Monthly 1919 1925 Combined with Modern Review 1926.
The Rubric US (Chicago) Bibelot Bi-Monthly 1901 1902 Illustrated.
Roycroft Quarterly US (East Aurora, NY) Bibelot 1896 1896
the Royal Magazine GB Popular Monthly 1898 1939 After some title changes it became a screen magazine in 1935, though it had emphasized photography from the beginning. Writers included Orczy, Sabatini, Rohmer (under his real name of Ward), E. Glyn, M. Arlen, J. Hergesheimer, M. Edginton, and A. Achmed, but reporting and history were mixed with fiction in this magazine.
The Rough Rider US (Butte, MT) Bibelot 1900 1901
The Rose-Jar US (New York) Bibelot 1904 1905
Rose Bush US (Cleveland, OH) Bibelot 1906 1906>
Rongwrong US Little Irregular 1917 1917
Romance US (New York) Bibelot 1895 1896
The Rolling Stone US Little Weekly 1894 1895 Short lived; owned and mostly written by W. S. Porter who later became better known as O. Henry.
Rogue US Little Semi-Monthly 1915 1916
Rhythm GB Little Quarterly 1911 1913 Especially strong in modernist visual art, with Fergusson as art editor; artworks by Picasso, Gaudier-Brzeska, J. Dismorr and others; writing by Mansfield and Murry dominates; edited by J. M. Murry, with K. Mansfield and J. D. Fergusson. MJP edition.
The Rhymster US (Hedrich, IA) Bibelot Monthly 1901 1901 Illustrated.
The Review of Reviews US Inter Monthly 1891 1937 The US version became more distinct in 1897; both reviewed other journals and published condensed versions of fiction by Tolstoy and others; merged with the Literary Digest in 1937.
The Review of Reviews GB Inter Monthly 1890 1936 Somewhat different versions of this journal were published in the UK and the US; hence, entries for both in this list. Founded by W. T. Stead, this journal was designed to report on the world of journalism itself, and did so successfully until his death on the titanic in 1912. The magazine continued under various editors until it became TheWorld Review in 1936.
The Reviewer US Little Semi-Monthly 1921 1925
Reedy’s Mirror US Little Weekly 1891 1920 Based in St. Louis, MO, this was an early and important little magazine, especially under the editorship of William Marion Reedy from 1913 to 1920, when it was an important rival to Poetry magazine of Chicago. Aka The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror.
The Red Magazine GB Popular Monthly 1908 1939 Poised between adult and juvenile fiction, and sometimes called The Harmsworth Red Magazine, it published work by F. H. Evans, E. M. Dell, G. Leroux, J. London, O. Onions, R. Sabatini, O. Henry, R. Newton, R. W. Chambers, Rider Haggard, E. Nesbit, U. Bloom, and ultimately F. Scott Fitzgerald.
The Red Letter US (Boston) Bibelot Monthly 1896 1897 Illustrated.
The Rebel US (Philadelphia) Bibelot 1901 1901
The Rebel US (Lincoln, NE) Bibelot 1900 1901
Realization US (Washington, DC) Bibelot 1900 1903
Rainbow US Little Monthly 1920 ?
Raab’s Review US Little Monthly 1920 ?
Quivera Legends (Roca, NE) Bibelot 1898 1900
Quips and Snips US (Boston) Bibelot 1902 1902
Quill US (New York) Bibelot 1917 1919
Quill US (San Francisco) Bibelot 1898 1898
The Quiet Observer US (Pittsburg) Bibelot Weekly 1900 1901 Illustrated.
The Quest US (Boston); GB (Birmingham, England) Bibelot 1894 1896 Illustrated.
Quartier Latin France (Paris); GB (London); US (New York) Bibelot Monthly 1896 1899 Illustrated.
The Quarterly Review GB Inter Quarterly 1809 1962
Quarterly Review US (Kansas, MO) Bibelot Quarterly 1916 1917
The Quarterly Notebook US Little Quarterly 1916 1917
Ye Quaint Magazine US (Boston) Bibelot 1901 1903
Putnam’s Monthly US Inter Monthly 1853 1910 Various subtitles; absorbed The Critic in 1906; absorbed by the Atlantic Monthly in 1910.
Punch GB Inter Weekly 1841 2010+
Puck US Inter Weekly 1877 1918 A humor magazine, at its best in the eighties and nineties; cartoons were a strength.
The Publisher’s Weekly US Inter Weekly 1872 2010+ Important for listings and advertising.
The Protest GB (Eden Bridge, Kent, England*) Bibelot 1902 1903
The Progress Magazine US (New York) Bibelot 1909 1909
Pro Cingula Veritas US (Concord, MA) Bibelot 1903 1903
The Princess US (Chicago) Bibelot Monthly 1901 1902 Illustrated.
The Premier Magazine GB Popular Monthly 1914 1931 Ran in three different series and was published fortnightly from 1919 to1923. Writers included Rohmer, Sabatini, Le Queux, A. P. Terhune, H. Belloc, G. K. Chesterton, J. K. Jerome, and A. Abdullah.
The Powder Magazine US (Detroit) Bibelot 1901 1901
Pot-Pourri US (Fremont, OH) Bibelot 1898 1899
Pot-Pourri US (Boston) Bibelot Fortnightly 1896 1896 Illustrated.
Poster Lore US (Kansas City) Bibelot 1896 1896
The Poster US (New York) Bibelot 1896 1896
Poker Chips US (New York) Bibelot 1896 1896 Absorbed by White Elephant.
The Poet’s Scroll US Little Monthly 1922 1934
Poet’s Own US (Louisville, KY) Bibelot 1903 1903
The Poetry Review of America US Little Monthly 1916 1917
The Poetry Review GB Little Monthly/ Quarterly 1912 1969 Began as The Poetical Gazette in 1909, continued as Poetry Review after 1969.
The Poetry Journal US Little Monthly 1912 1918 Occasionally suspended.
Poetry Journal US (Boston) Bibelot 1913 1914
Poetry and Drama GB Little Quarterly 1913 1914
Poetry US (Chicago) Little Monthly 1912 2010+ A major little magazine that lasted like few others; poets and critics published here are a Who's Who of modern poetry and criticism: Pound, Eliot, V. Lindsay, Aldington, H. D., W. C. Williams, D. H. Lawrence, Wallace Stevens, and others; founded and edited in Chicago by Harriet Monroe; microfilm. MJP edition, 1912-22.
Poet Lore US Inter Monthly? 1891 1939
Poesy GB Little Irregular 1915 1917
The Pocket Magazine US (New York) Bibelot 1895 1901
Plowshare US (Woodstock, NY) Bibelot 1917 1935
Playboy US Little Irregular 1919 1924 Suspended 1921-1923.
Pink Pill US (Hobson, MT) Bibelot 1909 1909
The Pilgrim US (Milwaukee) Bibelot 1895 1896
Pierrot US (Kansas City) Bibelot Monthly 1896 1896 Illustrated.
Pickwick US (Chicago) Bibelot Monthly 1898 1898 Illustrated.
Phyllida, or the Milkmaid US (San Francisco) Bibelot 1897 1897
Phonogram US (New York) Bibelot 1900 1902
The Phoenix US Little Monthly 1914 1916 Followed Papyrus.
Philosopher US (Wausau, WI) Bibelot Monthly 1897 1906 Illustrated.
Philopolis US (San Francisco) Bibelot 1906 1909
Philistine US Inter Monthly 1895 1915 A journal of literary criticism and satire.
Le Petit Journal des Réfusées US (San Francisco) Bibelot 1896 1896 MJP edition.
Personal Impressions US (San Francisco) Bibelot Monthly 1900 1900 Illustrated.
Penny Magazine US (New York) Bibelot Monthly 1896 1901 Illustrated.
Penny Magazine US (Philadelphia) Bibelot 1896 1896+
Penny Fiction US (New York) Bibelot 1892 1898
The Pebble US (Omaha, NE) Bibelot Monthly 1900 1901 Illustrated.
Pearson’s Magazine GB Mixed Monthly 1896 1939 A middlebrow journal, similar to the Windsor, it published writers like Dornford Yates, R. A. Freeman, Rider Haggard, R. L. Stevenson, A. C. Doyle, P. C. Wren, S. Maugham, and A. Waugh.

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If you would like to help, we ask that you look through the list and do the following three things with it:

  • Send us additions, corrections, and anything else that will help us improve this list and make it more useful to scholars and students.
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We work with cooperating libraries in making our editions, and we will be happy to work with yours, if they have original issues of a journal of interest. Remember, please, that we cannot consider journals published after 1922, though we can consider a partial run up to that year.

Besides working only with original issues (i.e., not reprints) published before 1923, the MJP is committed to using only copies of journals that have their original advertising intact. Since stripping out the advertising was a common practice when libraries originally bound the magazines into volumes, locating cover-to-cover issues can be a challenge. To meet that challenge, we’ve set up a separate set of web pages, called the Cover-to-Cover Initiative, devoted to locating libraries with cover-to-cover issues of twenty magazines that we’re specially interested in. We encourage you to visit that site as well, and to contribute information about your library’s holdings for the listed journals.


Subject Matter & Sources

A note about our subject matter and sources:

  • Mass magazines begin at the end of the nineteenth century.
  • Little magazines appear in reaction to them.
  • Earlier magazines are usually classified on our list as “inter” for intermediate.
  • We have not included some highly specialized magazines (like The Dickensian) in our list.

Sources consulted in compiling the periodical directory include:

  • Frank Luther Mott’s A History of American Magazines (all five volumes);
  • Theodore Peterson’s Magazines in the Twentieth Century;
  • Frederick Hoffman, Charles Allen, and Carolyn Ulrich’s The Little Magazine;
  • Alvin Sullivan’s British Literary Magazines, volumes 3 (1837-1913) and 4 (1914-1984);
  • Edward Chielens’s American Literary Magazines: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries as well as his American Literary Magazines: The Twentieth Century and The Literary Journal in America, 1900-1950; Michael Ashley’s The Age of the Storytellers: British Popular Fiction Magazines, 1880-1950.

Additional Resources:

We have also received considerable help from Brad Evans at Rutgers, who has added a large number of very small magazines (bibelots) to this list. We hope others will follow Brad’s example and send us information about journals published during our time period (1890-1922) that we can add to this list.

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