Text Analysis of Genre in the Marsden Journals

Whereas the previous section takes a broad view of genre in the three journals by representing the networks of authors who contributed four different kinds of writing to the magazines, this section studies genre much more closely by looking at the words that appear within the different genre sections of these magazines, using Voyant tools to structure our analysis.

The data for this study come from the text transcripts that the MJP has generated for each issue of the Freewoman, New Freewoman, and Egoist. When these trasncripts are created, they are minimally coded with tei tags that identify text from the following genres in each issue: advertisements, articles, drama, fiction, images, letters (or correspondence), and poetry. This tagging has allowed us to mechanically extract the different text sections from each isuse and create from them master files that record all the text that appears from each genre in each magazine.

We’ve already uploaded these genre master files to Voyant, so you can click on any the highlighted journals below to get to the Voyant visualization of the text document of that genre in the magazine. Once there, you’ll be offered a variety of tools for exploring that text. Further down this page, we’ll present some of our findings from these visualizations.

To see charts that use the word totals below (also derived from Voyant) to visualize the extent and proportion of these genres in the Marsden magazines, click here. And to see Voyant visualizations of all of the words in the three journals, drawn from these separate genre documents, click here.


  • Freewoman (47 issues): 73,553 words and 4,013 unique words.
  • New Freewoman (13 issues): 15,586 words and 1,804 unique words.
  • Egoist (74 issues): 50,988 words and 3,437 unique words.


  • Freewoman (47 issues): 689,588 words and 30,216 unique words.
  • New Freewoman (13 issues): 208,471 words and 19,134 unique words.
  • Egoist (74 issues): 958,812 words and 47,503 unique words.

Correspondence (Letters):

  • Freewoman (47 issues): 278,254 words and 17,174 unique words.
  • New Freewoman (13 issues): 18,780 words and 3,851 unique words.
  • Egoist (74 issues): 94,908 words and 10,795 unique words.


  • Freewoman (47 issues): 4,605 words and 1,309 unique words.
  • New Freewoman (13 issues): 0 words
  • Egoist (74 issues): 1,993 words and 677 unique words.


  • Freewoman (47 issues): 48,615 words and 7,476 unique words.
  • New Freewoman (13 issues): 55,024 words and 8,067 unique words.
  • Egoist (74 issues): 277,138 words and 21,735 unique words.


  • Freewoman (47 issues): 7,526 words and 2,237 unique words.
  • New Freewoman (13 issues): 7,606 words and 2,312 unique words.
  • Egoist (74 issues): 73,597 words and 12,510 unique words.
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