Arnolfo di Cambio (1245?-1310?) by Scholes, Robert

Arnolfo di Cambio (1245 – 1310) He was born in Colle di Valdelse but lived and worked at various places in the north of Italy. He was an assistant to Nicola Pisano both on the in Bologna and the pulpit at Siena. His (before 1277) is the first modern portrait statue by a known artist and the design of his wall (the cardinal lies on a bier beneath the Madonna and Child in glory) was a model for over a century. but he is best known today as an architect. He was an architect of the and the , both in Florence, and also carved the sculptural decoration on the cathedral fa├žade. He also designed the original of the in that city. shrine of S. Dominic statue of Charles of Anjou tomb of Cardinal de Braye cathedral of S. Maria del Fiore church of S. Croce Palazzo Vecchio

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