Barker, Anthony Raine (1880-1963) by Scholes, Robert

Anthony Raine Barker (1880 – 1963) Known for his architectural drawings, his was praised by Huntly Carter in of April 21, 1910 (). In describing a recent sale, the had this to say about a work of Barker’s: Arrival of the Steam Train The New Age NA 6.25:594 International Herald Tribune Later, a remarkable poster by Anthony Raine Barker could be had for less than half the price—£293.75 to be precise. combines a strong awareness of pre-World War I Expressionism with a love of Japanese woodcut hues—acid yellow, dark blue turquoise. Its very modernity was a hindrance. In this field, buyers prefer milder images. See Ireland First on Shell. Killarney Devil’s Island

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