Baumer, Lewis (1870-1963?) by Scholes, Robert

Lewis Baumer (1870 – 1963) He was born in St. John’s Wood, London in 1870. He attended South Kensington School and the Royal Academy School. His first cartoon for Punch appeared in 1897 and he remained a contributor for fifty years (a record shared with Tenniel, Stampa, and Shepard). Considered as successor, he specialised in gently humourous scenes of middle and upper class life. He was also noted for his charming portraits of the “bright young things” in the Tatler, acquiring popularity as “the Baumer Girl.” In Huntly Carter, reviewing a book called , says, (). Du Maurier’s The New Age Deportmental Ditties The Clever drawings by Lewis Baumer alone are woth the money [3s, 6p.]. Mr. Baumer’s humour is irresistible; his facility for expressing it in simple, direct, telling lines unapproachable 6.3:67

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