Bax-Ironside, E. A. by Scholes, Robert

E. A. Bax-Ironside She was born Effie Willoughby and was raised in India. She married James Jardine and painted as Effie Jardine from 1885 to 1913. She then married Sir Henry Bax-Ironside and exhibited as E. A. Bax-Ironside from 1914 to 1927, showing her work mainly with the Society of Women Artists, though she also exhibited with the Pastel Society in 1918. As Effie Jardine she made 56 illustrations for the book by Clarence Rook, and 54 illustrations for by H. J. Macinder. Her work elicited a bit of qualified praise from Ezra Pound—which was more than many artists got (). Switzerland, The Country and Its People The Rhine NA 22.16:310 We are grateful to her great-grandson, Richard Kennedy-Moffat, for some of the above information.

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