Baxter, George (1804-1867) by Scholes, Robert

George Baxter (1804 – 1867) George Baxter was born in Lewes, Sussex, the son of John Baxter who was a printer, publisher, and bookseller. After a period in which he was apprenticed to an engraver, Baxter began to develop a method of color printing, which he patented in 1835. This was a considerable step forward in the field of color printing, enabling the cheap reproduction of colored prints for the first time. In December 16, 1909, Huntly Carter wrote of a sale at the United Arts Club, (NA 6.7:163). But Baxter’s patented process did not die with him; only his personal skill at using it did. Of all the interesting odds and ends only a Baxter colour print arrested me. During his lifetime Baxter produced his prints for sixpence each. One day he crossed the Rubicon, taking with him the secret of his production. Now his wonderful little pictures are fetching pounds a-piece

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