Boehle, (Karl Friedrich)”Fritz” (1873-1916) by Scholes, Robert

Boehle, (Karl Friedrich) “Fritz” (1873 – 1916)

He was born in Emmendingen, but the family moved to Frankfurt in 1874 and he spent most of his life there. He began his study of art in 1886 at the St├Ądtlische Kunstschule in Frankfurt and studied briefly in Munich in 1892. He worked as a painter, sculptor, and graphic artist, and his work ranged from portraits and landscapes to calendar art and posters, but he was perhaps best known for genre scenes. He worked very consciously in a German tradition and ignored modernist modes of art. In Emmendingen he is a hero, with a grammar school and a high school named after him, as well as a hall and a street.

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