Bracquemond, Félix (1833-1914) by Scholes, Robert

Félix Bracquemond (1833 – 1914) Born Joseph Auguste Bracquemond, he worked first as a circus rider, and then, in career move reminiscent of , he worked in lithographer’s shop. He gained his artistic training by studying under Joseph Guichard, who himself was a pupil of . He made his early reputation as a lithographer and etcher, the techniques of which he taught to . In 1869, he married the painter Marie Quiveron, who made her reputation as Marie Bracquemond. In 1885 he published his book, Du Dessin et de la couleur, which was largely concerned with engraving. It was in this medium that his real achievements lay, and the 200 or so plates that he produced are among the most innovative of the century. Jules Cheret Ingres Edouard Manet

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