Cadell, Francis Campbell Boileau (Bunty) (1883-1937) by Scholes, Robert

Cadell, Francis Campbell Boileau (Bunty) (1883 – 1937) Born in Edinburgh, he travelled in Europe, studying the work of C├ęzanne amongst others, before returning to Edinburgh. He became one of the Scottish Colourists, with , G.L. Hunter, and , who were influenced by the French use of colour. He very much enjoyed the landscape of Iona, which he first visited in 1912. His career was broken by service in World War I. Cadell’s paintings feature in the permanent collections of many Scottish art galleries. Reviewing his work in a show of the National Portrait Society in 1918, Ezra Pound said of one, that it “certainly shows how not to do it,” but, of another, Pound observed, . This is grudging praise, but it is still praise. J.D. Fergusson S.J. Peploe in “The Fawn Dress” seems scarcely the artist who could have painted the other picture attributed to him in the catalogue. Here he shows a typical French lightness and grace, and has placed his pretty figure most admirablyon his canvas, which is a fit ornament for the most exquisite boudoir in Mayfair (NA 22.18:356 )

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