Campbell, John P. (1870?-1940?) by Scholes, Robert

John P. Campbell (1870?-1940?) He did a lot of illustrations for Irish books (Celtic Romances; Irish Songs; Winds of Eirinn, and The Tain, Four Irish Songs) during the period 1906-1912, and his cartoons adorned the covers of Nos. 5, 8, 10, and 12 of Volume 6 of in 1909. Even those covers, dealing with contemporary European affairs, seem to have a Celtic twist, however. He also used a more Gaelic name, Seaghan MacCathmhaoil, as, for example the illustrator of the following book: The New Age Mac Gríogóir, Aodhmaín, ed., and Seaghan MacCathmhaoil, illus., Fréamhacha na hÉireann. Dublin: Maunsel, 1906. Includes Gaelic text of story “Caoin Artur Mac Ríogh Éireann” (“Caoin Artur son of the king of Ireland”) collected from Micheál Ua Fháoláin, Inis Meadhon, Aran (pp. 1-17). Fullest version of this group of tales, concerning a princess set adrift in a wooden box, a decapitated giant with a talking head, and his sister. The publisher, Maunsel, baulked at publishing James Joyce’s Dubliners in 1909, and was immortalized in Joyce’s doggerel broadside, . Gas From a Burner

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