Casella, Nelia (1884-1930) by Scholes, Robert

Nelia Casella (1884 – 1930) We know she exhibited small sculptures at the Royal Academy around 1896 and believe she also worked in water color. The describes her as a “wax sculptor” and indicates that, in her career, she had 59 works shown at the Royal Academy in addition to others in other galleries, mainly in London. The DBA also indicates that she lived at the same address in South Kensington as Ella Casella (1884-1913), also a wax sculptor whose work was seen in many of the same galleries and exhibitions, and Julia Casella, who is credited with just two works, shown at the Grosvenor Gallery, in 1885. We have leaped to the conclusion that Nella and Elia are sisters, and Julia their mother or aunt. Dictionary of British Artists 1880-1940

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