Cennini (di Drea), Cennino (1370?-1440?) by Scholes, Robert

Cennino Cennini (di Drea) (1370?-1440?) He was born near Florence and worked there in the mode of as taught by . He wrote (1437), which is the best source we have on the values and methods of late medieval artists. Giotto Agnolo Gaddi Il libro dell’arte Instead of a sampling of artwork we provide below an exceprt from the opening of Cennini’s book and an image of a current translation’s cover.. Here begins the craftsman’s handbook, made and composed by Cennino Cennini of Colle, in the reverence of God, and of the Virgin Mary, and of Saint Eustace, and of Saint Francis, and of Saint John the Baptist, and of Saint Anthony of Padua, and, in general of all the Saints of God; and in the reverence of Giotto, of Taddeo, and of Agnolo, Cennino’s master; and for the use and good profit of anyone who wants to enter this profession. It is not without the impulse of a lofty spirit that some are moved to enter this profession, attractive to them through natural enthusiasm. Their intellect will take delight in drawing, provided their nature attracts them to it of themselves, without any master’s guidance, out of loftiness of spirit. And then, through this delight, they come to want to find a master; and they bind themselves to him with respect for authority, undergoing an apprenticeship in order to achieve perfection in all this. There are those who pursue it, because of poverty and domestic need, for profit and enthusiasm for the profession too; but above all these are to be extolled the ones who enter the profession through a sense of enthusiasm and exaltation.

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