Chelmonski, Józef (1850-1914) by Scholes, Robert

Józef Chelmonski (1850 – 1914) He was born in Boczki near Lowicz in central Poland. His first teacher of drawing was his father. After finishing high school in Warsaw, he studied drawing with Wojciech Gerson. From 1871 to 1874 Chelmonski lived in Munich. He was associated with the Polish painters around and Maksymilian Gierymski. In 1875 Chelmonski moved to Paris, where he had many important exhibitions. From 1878 to 1887 he travelled to Poland, Vienna and Venice. In 1887 he returned to Poland and in 1889 settled in Kuklowka village near Grodzisk. His painted landscapes and outdoor scenes, and his work ranged from realism to impressionism in style. Jozef Brandt

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