Collier, John (1850-1934) by Scholes, Robert

John Collier (1850 – 1934) He was the younger son of Sir Robert Perret Collier, and was educated at Eton. After being introduced to , he studied at the Slade School of Art, London, under , moved to Paris where he studied under Jean-Paul Laurens and then went to Munich. He worked extensively as a portrait painter–of statesmen, industrialists, and theatrical personalities–but he was best known in his own time for his slightly decadent paintings of figures and scenes from legend and mythology. In (November 1909) Huntly Carter says, “The worst thing in the show is the Hon. John Collier’s brutally ugly canvas” We think he was talking about , a work of that year. Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Edward Poynter The New Age NA 6.4:92 The Land Baby

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