Colton, William Robert (1867-1921) by Scholes, Robert

William Robert Colton (1867-1921)

Colton trained under William Silver Frith, the pupil and successor of Dalou at Lambeth School of Art. He also studied in Paris. He is known as a sculptor, and his most famous work is The Girdle (1898).

We have also found the following information about his other works:

In Worcester: A statue commemorating the Worcestershire men who died in the Boer War is being restored by specialist craftsmen. The bronze statue of a soldier with an angel standing above him is on the grounds of Worcester Cathedral and is acknowledged as a particularly fine work by the sculptor W R Colton. (

On The Mall in London: “A little further, the Boer War Monument to the Royal Artillery (1902). The sculptures are by W. R. Colton (1910) and include a Pegasus and girl on top, with friezes to left and right. The effect is dignified.”

In Sydney, Australia, his statue of Matthew Flinders, “discoverer” of South Australia, was unveiled in 1925.

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