Corinth, Lovis (1858-1925) by Scholes, Robert

Lovis Corinth (1858 – 1925)

Franz Heinrich Louis Corinth was born in Tapiau, East Prussia. After the family moved to Königsberg, he began studying art with the genre painter Otto Günther there. In 1880 he moved to Munich, where he studied at the Academy, later moving briefly to the Academy Julian in Paris. By 1888 he was in Berlin, where he adopted “Lovis” as his painting name. In 1891 he moved to Munich, where he became a founder of the Munich Secession in the next year. In 1897, when his Salome was rejected by the Munich Secession jury, he withdrew and began working part of the time in Berlin, where he exhibited with the Berlin Secession in 1900 and joined it the next year. He was never certain how “modern” he wanted to be, and always remained something of an impressionist. When the war came, he supported it patriotically, and, after Germany’s defeat, he withdrew to life in the country. In 1923 he took part in a three man show, with Lieberman and Kokoshka. He died in Zandvoort, the Netherlands..

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