Cox, David (1783-1859) by Scholes, Robert

David Cox (1783 – 1859)

David Cox, the son of a whitesmith, was born in a small rural cottage near the parish church of St. Martin, Birmingham, where he was apprenticed to a brooch and locket painter. He adorned these small items of jewellery with miniature designs. But he didn’t continue for long in this field. He later worked as a colour grinder for scene painters of the Birmingham Theatre, moving to London in 1803, where he was first employed as a scene painter at the Astley’s Theatre. Soon he began giving lessons in art and acquired some affluent students for his classes at Dulwich. He specialized in landscape painting, and often took his students into the country to find scenes. He had a son, also named David, who followed in his footsteps as a landscape painter. Many examples of his work can be found in the Tate and other museums.

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