da Zevio (da Verona), Stefano (1374?-1438?) by Scholes, Robert

Stefano da Zevio (da Verona) (1374 – 1438) The following entry from the Web Gallery of Art sums up his life nicely: Stefano da Zevio (or da Verona) was the principal Veronese painter in the International Gothic style. He was much influenced by and was probably the master of Pisanello, continuing a sort of proto-Pisanello style as late as 1435 in his signed and dated Adoration of the Magi (Milan, Brera); on the other hand, the Madonna of the Quail (Verona) may be by him or by Pisanello. Most of his works are in Verona (museums and churches). Gentile da Fabriano

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