Davies, Arthur Bowen (1862-1928) by Scholes, Robert

Arthur Bowen Davies (1862 – 1928) An American symbolist, Davies was a major figure in the art world of his time. The web page of World Wide Art offers the following useful sketch of this artist’s life. Arthur Bowen Davies worked as a painter, printmaker and tapestry designer, acquiring a healthy reputation as an artist and also as a supporter of avant-garde art. His work was conservative and he was a member of The Eight. Most of the other members of this group preferred to paint urban scenes, while Davies produced landscapes with nudes and mythological animals. The artists of the Pre-Raphaelite movement and also and inspired him. In addition, Davies was the president of the Association of American Painters and Sculptors, a group dedicated to organizing the Armory Show. After the show, Davies’s work turned Cubist for a short time before he reverted back to his traditional style in the 1920’s. Whistler Puvis de Chavannes

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