Derain, André (1880-1954) by Scholes, Robert

André Derain (1880 – 1954) He was born in Chatou, near Paris, and was expected to become an engineer, but, in 1898, he enrolled in the Academie Carrière in Paris, where he met and . He performed military service from 1900 to 1904. After that, he worked with Matisse in 1905 at Collioure, and participated in the 1905 Salon d’Automne with Matisse, Vlaminck, and –the exhibition in which this group was labeled as Fauves, or Wild Beasts. Derain moved to the Montmartre section of Paris in 1907 where he met . Along with Vlaminck, Derain was one of the first artists to collect the tribal art of Africa. He was influenced by cubishm, and his fauve palette softened over the years. He did a lot of illustrating, working on books by contemporaries and making etchings of scenes from classics like of Petronius. Matisse Vlaminck Picasso The Satyricon

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