Dolci, Carlo (1616-1687) by Scholes, Robert

Carlo Dolci (1616 – 1687) He was the leading painter in Florence in the mid-17th century. Dolci’s artistic training began at age nine in Jacopo Vignali’s studio, where he learned to combine Vignali’s emotive approach with the elegant design and bright local color of the Florentine style. Dolci probably also studied Netherlandish painting. Intensely religious, Dolci stated his “firm intention to paint only works that would inspire the fruits of Christian piety in those who saw them.” He specialized in devotional works, although he also earned his international reputation through the portraits and still lifes he intended for his sophisticated patrons. Dolci captured detail in lavish textiles, jewelry, and the face and hands. Dolci had a large studio; his daughter was also a painter.

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