Drummond, Malcolm (1880-1945) by Scholes, Robert

Malcolm Drummond (1880-1945) Painter of urban scenes, figures and interiors. Studied at the Slade (1903-7) and under at the Westminster School of Art (1908), becoming associated with the Fitzroy Street Circle, the Camden Town Group and the London Group. During the First World War he worked on munitions. In 1920 Malcolm Drummond obtained permission to work in the Old Bailey. He completed a series of works of oils, drawings and prints which depict the Black Book Trial, an infamous homosexual blackmail case. Sickert Here is a comment on his work from a catalogue. The painting is called Hebrides: At this period Drummond worked a lot of landscape subjects. Two new examples at Southampton City Art Gallery help testify to this. Until this painting came to light it was not known how far north he travelled. What is important is the pure Camden Town Pallete. Strong Fauvist colours combined with a wide diversity of texture; from open canvas to heavy impasto. This painting is remarkable in its similarity to . Harold Gilman

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