Dumoustier Family (1510-1646) by Scholes, Robert

Dumoustier Family (1510-1646) Dumoustier (Dumonstier) was the name of a large painter family working in France in the 16th-17th centuries. About a dozen members of the family are recorded and several of them held court appointments. The earliest of any significance was Geoffroy (c. 1510-1560), and the last and best-known member of the dinasty was Daniel (1574-1646). In the middle was Pierre, who may be the Moustier referred to by Richard Aldington in the pages of for April 17, 1913 (Vol. 12, No. 24, p. 581), as an artist for whom one will not find “impassioned defenses” at that time (). The New Age NA 12.24:581

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