Dyson, Will (1880-1938) by Scholes, Robert

Will Dyson (1880 – 1938) He was born near Ballarat, Australia in 1880. He studied at George Coates’ studio in 1896, and by 1902 he was a regular contributor to the Melbourne Bulletin. He arrived in London in 1909 where he worked with the Daily Herald and , achieving a highly successful career with his cartoons. During the Great War he served as an artist, recording the lives of his Australian compatriots in particular. There is an interesting review of a book of his cartoons in by Anthony Ludovici, written before Dyson’s cartoons began to appear in the magazine . The book was published by the Daily Herald, and contained his cartoons for that paper. A set of his wartime cartoons appeared in in 1918 . His wife died in the post-war influenza epidemic and he was devastated by her death. In 1925 he returned to Australia, where he spent the rest of his life. The New Age The New Age NA 13:6:152 The New Age NA 22:20

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