Eves, Richard Grenville (1876-1941) by Scholes, Robert

Reginald Grenville Eves (1876-1941) He was born in London and studied art at the Slade School under , , and , ultimately winning the Slade Scholarship. He lived in Yorkshire for a while but returned to London and settled there, making his reputation mainly as a portrait painter. Legros Brown Tonks From a piece by Robin Ironside in The London Magazine The late R. G. Eves was penalized by the Royal Academy for sending portraits to their exhibitions painted over photographs printed on to the canvas. The practice was condemned on the revealing and indeed unjustifiable ground that it was a practice which impaired the durability of the canvas. The fact that this is not true provokes a suspicion that the verdict was inspired by the fallacy that the art of painting is also in some mysterious manner a moral exercise in the performance of which certain tricks or short cuts must be regarded as cheating.

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