Flandrin, (Jean-)Hippolyte (1809-1864) by Scholes, Robert

(Jean-)Hippolyte Flandrin (1809 – 1864) He was born into a family of poor artisans at Lyon, where he studied with the sculptor Legendre and the painter Revoil. In 1829 Flandrin, with his brother Jean-Paul, went to Paris, where he became a pupil of Ingres. After some years of work, in 1832 he won the Grand Prix de Rome with . He worked at Rome under the guidance of , who had become Director of the French Academy there, until 1838, when he returned to Paris, where he shared a studio with his brother, who was a landscape painter. His subjects included both classical and religious scenes. Ultimately he returned to Rome and died there. In the year 2004 he is best known for a single painting of a male nude, seen from the side, but, in his own day, he was known mainly as a religious painter and an official painter for the court of the Emperor Louis Buonaparte. The Recognition of Theseus by his Father Ingres

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