Flint, William Russell (1880-1969) by Scholes, Robert

William Russell Flint (1880 – 1969) He was born in Edinburgh, the son of a commercial artist, and studied there at Daniel Stewart’s College. From the ages of fourteen to twenty he was apprenticed to a firm of lithographers, but he also studied in the evenings under Hodder at the Royal Institution School of Art. He and his younger brother, Robert Purves Flint, then painted in Belgium and Holland. He came to London in 1900, where he worked at first doing medial drawings, joining the staff of in 1903, and remaining with them until 1907. At this point he took up book illustration, illustrating H. Rider Haggard’s in 1905. He worked on the Continent as well as in England, and became well known for nudes that verge on soft pornography, which are still popular in posters. But he was also an accomplished painter of landscapes. He was elected to many societies of artists, and was knighted in 1962. The Illustrated London News King Solomon’s Mines

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