Forbes, Elizabeth (1859-1912) by Scholes, Robert

Elizabeth Forbes (1859 – 1912) She was born in Canada and studied art in England, New York, and Germany. Dissatisfied with the way women art students were treated, she joined other plein air painters in Port-Avon, Brittany where she was soon exhibiting and selling her paintings on peasant themes, which has led to comparisons of her work to that of . In 1855 she met her future husband at his art colony in Newlyn, Cornwall. After their marriage, they opened the Newlyn School of Painting in 1899. Charles St. John, in praised her work, saying of Jean, Jeanne, and Jeanette, that “the colour is extremely happy.” Bastien-Lepage Stanhope Forbes The New Age (NA 4.14:289)

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