Forbes, Stanhope Alexander (1857-1947) by Scholes, Robert

Stanhope Alexander Forbes (1857 – 1947) Born in Dublin, he trained at the Royal Academy School in London from 1876 to 1880, when he went to Paris and studied in Bonnat’s studio. He founded the Newlyn School, a group of painters who worked in Newlyn, a fishing village in Cornwall. The main painters in the group were (alphabetically): Frank Bramley, Percy Craft, H. E. Detmold, Stanhope Forbes, Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes (nee Armstrong), W Fortescue, Norman Garstin, T. C. Gotch, Fred Hall, Edwin Harris, Ayerst Ingram, Walter Langley, H. Martin, F. Millard, Marianne Stokes, Chevallier Tayler, Titcombe, Ralph Todd and Henry Scott Tuke. When the number of artists working in Newlyn dwindled, Stanhope and his wife Elizabeth Forbes founded a School of Painting there in 1899.

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