Frampton, George J. (1860-1928) by Scholes, Robert

George J. Frampton (1860-1928) He was born in London, and after working in an architect’s office, was apprenticed to an architectural stone carver. He then attended the modelling class at South London Technical Art School under the teacher and architectural sculptor W. S. Frith, and in 1881 entered the Royal Academy Schools. He won a travelling scholarship and in 1887 went to Paris, to study under Mercie. He returned to London in 1889, and took a position teaching sculpture at the Slade in 1893. Difficult to classify, he is sometimes called a “symbolist,” but that concept does not cover his output. He had affinities with the Pre-Raphaelites in his early work, but his subject matter and style never stayed there. The Victorian Web offers a number of images of his work and information about his career at .

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