Furse, Charles Wellington (1868-1904) by Scholes, Robert

Charles Wellington Furse (1868 – 1904) He was born at Staines, the son of the Rev. C. W. Furse, archdeacon of Westminster, and was a distant relative of . At the age of seven he gave indications of his ability in a number of drawings illustrating Scott’s novels. He entered the Slade school in 1884, winning the Slade scholarship in the following year, and completed his education at Julian’s atelier in Paris. In 1900 Furse married Katharine, the daughter of John Addington Symonds, who the model for his most celebrated work, Diana of the Uplands (1903–4; London, Tate). He painted murals of dockside working scenes in the town hall in Liverpool (1899–1901). His health was seriously impaired and his life shortened by tuberculosis, and he left a number of works unfinished, but his work was much admired. Joshua Reynolds

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