Gaines, Ruth Louise (1877-1952) by Solomon, Susan

Ruth Louise Gaines (1877-1952) graduated from Smith College in 1901, where she wrote for the . Though she contributed a few pieces to , she was a writer of prose. In the year of her first contribution to , she published (1913). Her travels to Japan before World War I are recorded in (1916) and (1953). From 1917 to 1919, she served with the Smith College Relief Unit in France (which operated independently of the Red Cross until late 1918). While there, Gaines wrote (1918), an account of the work performed by that unit. She also wrote (1919, 2002) and (1920). Later she explored and documented the history of indigenous peoples in the United States with (1931) and a local pioneer history of California in (1949), which she co-edited with fellow Smith Unit volunteer . Together they also co-wrote (1917, 1928). Her letters, diary, and other materials from the war are kept in the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College. Ruth L. Gaines Smith College Monthly Poetry Poetry Little Light (Lucita): A Child’s Story of Old Mexico Treasure Flower: A Child of Japan City-Royal: A Memory of Kyoto A Village in Picardy Helping France: The Red Cross in a Devastated Area Ladies of Grécourt: The Smith College Relief Unit in the Somme Books on Indian Arts North of Mexico Gold Rush: The Journals, Drawings, and Other Papers of J. Goldsborough Bruff, Captain, Washington City and California Mining Association, April 2, 1849 – July 20, 1851 Georgia Road The Village Shield: A Story of Mexico Selected Bibliography of Works by Ruth Gaines Gaines, Ruth Louise. : 166. I Heard a Flute. 2.5 (August 1913) Poetry —. : 11. Paris, 1917. 13.1 (October 1918) Poetry

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