Gere, Margaret (1878-1965) by Scholes, Robert

Margaret Gere (1878 – 1965) The half-sister of , she was born at Leamington Spa and studied first at the Birmingham Municipal School of Art with Edward R. Taylor and with her brother Charles. She visited Italy with Charles and two of her sisters in 1900. Later, living with her elder brother Alfred’s family in Hampstead, she attended the Slade School in London, studying under , Tonks, and . She was a member of the Birmingham Group of Artist-Craftsmen, and she exhibited with the New English Art Club in London from 1910 on, becoming a member in 1925. Known as a figure and flower painter, she also did illustrations. A useful catalogue for a show of her work, with some biographical information was published by the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museums in 1984. Charles March Gere Brown Russell

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