Gilman, Harold (1876-1919) by Scholes, Robert

Harold Gilman (1876 – 1919) He was born in Rode, Somerset, and died in London. He developed an interest in art as a boy, during a period of convalescence. He spent a year at the University of Oxford, but left on account of his health to work as a tutor with an English family in Odessa. On his return in 1896 he attended Hastings School of Art and then the Slade School of Fine Art, London (1897—1901). Afterwards he spent over a year in Spain, copying paintings by in the Prado. He also married an American painter, Grace Canedy, whom he met in Madrid. They settled in London, but after the birth of a daughter made a long visit to Canedy’s family in Chicago where a second daughter was born. Velázquez Gilman was one of the artists who gathered around in London about 1906 and became known as the Camden Town painters. As a group, they attempted to adopt the French Impressionist palette and technique to the darker climate of England. Walter Sickert

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