Ginner, Charles Isaac (1878-1952) by Scholes, Robert

Charles Isaac Ginner (1878 – 1952) The son of Anglo-Scottish parents, he was born in Cannes. He worked in an architect’s office in Paris and then trained as a painter. Ginner knew and possibly at his suggestion came to London to live and work as a painter. He was soon absorbed into the circle of , and . Sickert had commented that he was “The thickest painter in London, to which Ginner replied, “I shall paint as thick as I damn well please”. Ginner had learnt to use thick impasto and had a passion for the paintings of . Ginner’s two visits to Applehayes in 1912 and 1913 provided him with an opportunity to paint new subject matter. He helped in organising the first post-impressionist exhibition in London in 1910. During both world wars he was an official government artist. His sister Ruby founded a school of modern dancing based on classical Greek principles. Sickert Gore Gilman Bevan Van Gogh Roger Fry

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