Gleizes, Albert (1881-1953) by Scholes, Robert

Albert Gleizes (1881-1953) He was born in Paris and learned to draw in the workshop of his father, who was a decorator. He showed his work at the salon d’Automne from 1903 on, but by 1908 he had become a cubist, part of a group led by and that included , , , , , , , and Villon. Kahnweiler was the only dealer who supported them in those early days. Gleizes and Metzinger articulated a theory for the movement in in 1912. He moved toward abstraction in his own work, and was very well known as a teacher of young artists from all over the world. Braque Picasso Metzinger Delaunay Le Fauconnier L├ęger Gris La Fresnaye Lhote Du Cubisme

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