Gloag, Isobel Lilian (1868-1917) by Scholes, Robert

Isobel Lilian Gloag (1868 – 1917) She was born in London of Scottish parents from Perthshire. She studied at St John’s Wood Art School, the Slade and then in the studio of M.W.Ridley. She attended life class at South Kensington before travelling to Paris to study under Raphael Collin. She is sometimes called a “symbolist,” but, like others given that title, whe worked somewhere between PreRaphaelitism and Decadence, often using mythological or fantastic subjects for her painting. Huntly Carter praisd her work in 1909 in for its “decorative harmonies.” A useful biographical sketch of her came from the former website, from which we have borrowed a few sentences above. The New Age

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