Goodsir, Agnes Noyes (1865-1939) by Scholes, Robert

Agnes Noyes Goodsir (1865 – 1939) She was born in Victoria, Australia. Goodsir’s initial art training was in Australia at the Bendigo School of Mines in the 1890s. Since she had begun her formal studies late (in her 30s), she decided that she needed to study overseas. In 1899 there was an “art union,” or lottery, of her work in Bendigo to assist her study in Paris. There she studied at the Académie Julian and at Colarossi’s. She specialized in genre scenes, portraits, and still lifes. Anthony Ludovici made a bad joke at her expense (“No good, sir!’) in (13:4:96), commenting on a painting called Divorced. The New Age She lived mostly in Paris, where she seems to have been part of a thriving lesbian community, though she remained closeted as far as the public was concerned.

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