Gordon, Jan (1882-1944) by Scholes, Robert

Jan Gordon (1882 – 1944) He was born at Finchamstead and educated at Marlborough College and Truro School of Mines. He was a painter, lithographer, and etcher, and exhibited his work in Britain, Europe, and America. But he was also an art critic, who wrote for , and . For , he wrote a series of articles on Art that began with the last issue of Volume 26 and continued in Volume 27 (1920). He published in 1922. He also wrote travel books with his wife, the painter Cora Josephine Turner. In January of 1920 Ezra Pound wrote a favorable review of a War Painting by Gordon (NA 26.9:145). The New Witness, The Observer and Athenaeum Land and Water The New Age Modern French Painters

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