Gore, Spencer Frederick (1878-1914) by Scholes, Robert

Spencer Frederick Gore (1878 – 1914) The following information comes from the of the Letchworth Museum: website Spencer Gore was born in Epsom and educated at Harrow School. He trained as an artist at the Slade school in London, where he became friends with and Harold Gilman Wyndham Lewis. In 1904 and 1905 Gore painted in northern France, meeting and . In 1911 he was a founder of the Camden Town Group—a society of sixteen of the most promising modern male artists (Gilman insisted that women were excluded). Gore came to Letchworth in August and November 1912, staying in Harold Gilman’s recently-built house, 100, Wilbury Road. He painted a series of paintings of the new town which, with their intensely bright colours, and stylised forms are now seen as the most radical works of his career. Sickert Lucien Pissarro Gore moved to Richmond in the late summer of 1913 and completed thirty-two paintings of Richmond Park and surrounding streets. He caught pneumonia and died on 25 March 1914.

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