Gosse, (Laura) Sylvia (1881-1968) by Scholes, Robert

(Laura) Sylvia Gosse (1881 – 1968) She was born into a family of arts and letters, being the daughter of Edmund Gosse and the painter Nellie Gosse, and the niece of Laura Alma-Tadema, for whom she was named. She studied at the St John’s Wood School of Art and at the Royal Academy Schools (1903-1906). She met in 1908, became his friend and remained so for life, becoming co-principal of his art school and effectively running it for him. A drawing by her, The Doctor, was included in Sickert’s series of modern drawings in for 1914 . She was a founding member of the London Group in 1914. When Sickert was ill in his later years she helped his third wife look after him and raised money for his support. Walter Sickert The New Age (NA 14:25:795)

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