Gulbransson, Olaf (1873-1958) by Scholes, Robert

Olaf Gulbransson (1873 – 1958) He was born in Kristiania (later Oslo), Norway, but lived and worked mainly in Germany, based in Munich, where he worked as an illustrator for the satirical magazine, from 1902 onward. Among the friends he made there was the writer Herman Hesse, whom he met in 1907, a year in which he visited Hesse at his home on Lake Constance, where he produced a portrait of the artist and caricatured him as a woodland pigeon, “Die Hesse.” From 1929, Gulbransson was an academy professor in Munich. caricaturist, in his interesting critique of a volume of caricatures by Max Beerbohm praised Gulbransson’s one-stroke caricatures as “really incomparable,” and considerably superior to Beerbohm’s work. He was an artist who worked a lot in the caricature form but not “merely” a caricaturist, as the images below will attest. Simplicissimus The New Age Tom Titt, NA 14.2:54

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