Hartley, Alfred (1855-1933) by Scholes, Robert

Alfred Hartley (1855 – 1933) He was born at Stocken Pelham in Hertfordshire, and studied at the Royal College of Art and at the Westminster School of Art under , along with and . He was also a pupil of Sir Frank Short and the etcher C. J. Watson. He became known for his portrait, landscape and genre paintings, and for his etchings in line and aquatint. He married the flower and domestic painter Nora Hartley. He became an associate of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers in 1894 and a full member in 1897. He was also active in a number of other organizations of artists in the UK and did some illustrating, including some pictures for W. H. Hudson’s (1893). He lived in London and in Wales. Frederick Brown Frampton Anning Bell Idle Days in Patagonia

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