Hartrick, Archibald Standish (1864-1950) by Scholes, Robert

Archibald Standish Hartrick (1864 – 1950) He was born in Bangalore, India, the son of an army officer, But his mother took him to Scotland when he was two years old. He was educated at Fettes College and studied medicine at Edinburgh University. He studied art under at the Slade (1884-85) and at the Académie Julian and the Atelier Cormon in Paris (1886-87). He spent the summer of 1886 in Pont-Aven, where he met . He met and at the Atelier Cormon. In 1887 he returned to Scotland and studied as the Glasgow School of Art. In 1889 he moved to London and began working for a new magazine, The Daily Graphic, where he bagan making sketches of London life and courtroom scenes and went on to do reporting and serve as a war correspondent as well. He also illustrated fiction by Kipling and Stevenson, and he was a founding member of the Chelsea Arts Club. He was known for his skill at drawing with chalk, and also as a lithographer and watercolorist. Among the magazines he did some work for were and . He wrote a memoir of his life, ( Cambridge University Press 1939). Alphonse Legros Gauguin Van Gogh Toulouse-Lautrec The Yellow Book The Strand A Painter’s Pilgrimage Through Fifty Years

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