Hodler, Ferdinand (1853-1918) by Scholes, Robert

Ferdinand Hodler (1853 – 1918) He was born in Berne, Switzerland and died in Geneva. From 1871-78 Hodler studied in Geneva with Barthélémy Menn, a pupil of Ingres and a friend of . He travelled in Switzerland and Spain and discovered the works of , and . He began his Symbolist period with , which won him international repute. Hodler exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francais, the Rose+Croix and the Vienna, Munich, and Berlin Sezession. The coherence of his compositions was based on repeated lines, volumes and colours, a method he termed . In supplement to Volume 7, Issue 5, p. 12, his later work was called Corot Dürer Holbein Raphael Night parallelism The New Age a strange mixture of the Giottoesque and modern Impressionism. It makes sense, we believe, to see him as one of those modernists who looked backward to a time before Raphael, for inspiration and produced works in which symbolism and modernism were blended.

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