Holroyd, Charles (1861-1917) by Scholes, Robert

Charles Holroyd (1861 – 1917) He was born in Leeds and studied under Professor at the Slade School, University College, London, where he became a close friend of . After passing six months at Newlyn, he obtained a travelling scholarship and studied for two years in Italy, a sojourn which greatly influenced his art. At his return, on the invitation of Legros, he became for two years assistant-master at the Slade School, and there devoted himself to painting and etching. He made his chief reputation as an etcher of exceptional ability, combining strength with delicacy, and a profound technical knowledge of the art. Holroyd was appointed the first keeper of the National Gallery of British Art (Tate Gallery) in 1897, and on the retirement of Sir Edward Poynter in 1906 he received the directorship of the National Gallery. Legros William Strang

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